Motor, motherboard, and airbag system of massage chair

Motor, motherboard, and airbag system of massage chair

Motor, motherboard, and airbag system of massage chair

Motor, motherboard, and airbag system of massage chair

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Massage chair motor
Airbag system

Massage chair motor

The massage chair motor (commonly known as “motor”) is an electromagnetic device that realizes the conversion or transmission of electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Its main function is to generate drive torque.

The motor is one of the core components of the massage chair, just like the engine of a car, it is the source of power for the massage chair to change massage techniques and adjust the angle. The motor is equivalent to the “heart” of the massage chair. The quality of the motor is directly related to the overall performance of the massage chair.

As a powerful support for various techniques and movements of the massage chair, each program action of the massage chair relies on him to provide a steady stream of power energy. The motor of the massage chair is generally a three-phase asynchronous motor.
– Kneading function: Imitate manual massage, use the motor to drive the turbine transmission mechanism, and drive the kneading shaft to complete the kneading function
-Taping function: Imitate human hand tapping and use the motor to drive the tapping eccentric shaft to cooperate with the kneading shaft to realize the tapping function.
-Back massage: Back massage can adjust the massage width of the back through sensors and circuits
– Massage intensity adjustment: through the sensor and the circuit system, the adjustment of kneading speed and percussion intensity can be realized

High-end brand products use a newly developed new generation of motors, which have passed the US UL safety standard certification and the EU RoHS standard certification, which are hazardous substance certifications. The main inspection is heavy metal content. The new generation of motors has “intelligence, safety, environmental protection, and quietness” performance characteristics.

Using advanced manufacturing technology, adding “environmental protection and quietness” into the motor design concept, the whole process is automatically controlled by a computer, and the motor is independently developed by Ailisite with an intelligent memory module, which can perform precise laps on the back, buttocks, calves, and other parts Digital memory and adjustment, has not only traditional advantages but also has advantages that traditional memory modules cannot match. It is a motor specially developed for high-end brand massage chairs. It has a higher degree of matching with massage chairs, and is a better fit for massage performance. , but also to maximize the performance of massage.

The motherboard of the massage chair

The main board of the massage chair is similar to the main board of the computer. It is the carrier of the program, motor operation, and power supply of the massage chair. It is similar to the brain of the human body and sends out instructions; the massage chair transmits massage program commands through the control system, and the main board receives the massage of the massage chair. The system issues instructions, and the manipulator works along the guide rail according to the instructions. The motherboard is equipped with a chip, that is, a processor, which is the brain of the entire massage chair and is responsible for processing various instructions.

Airbag system for massage chairs

In addition to the massage that the movement of the massage chair moves up and down along the guide rail, there is also a massage method which is airbag massage. Squeeze the area for a massage effect. The airbag is mainly made of TPU environmental protection cloth, the same material as the car’s airbag. It cooperates with the air pump, air valve, inflation tube, etc. to complete the inflation and deflation process. The airbags mainly aim at the shoulders, waist, seat, arms, calves, and legs.


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