What do real zero gravity massage chairs look like?

What does a real zero-gravity massage chair look like?Zero gravity massage chairs

1.The so-called zero gravity massage chairs mean that the legs, hips, and back are driven by linkage according to the principle of space capsule relaxation, and the heart and knees are on the same level, which increases the force area of the human body and balances all parts of the body.

Being under pressure makes people feel like they are floating, and the body does not feel oppressed.

The zero gravity massage chairs are just like that, it makes you feel weightless when you sit on it.

2.The zero gravity massage chair adjusts the sitting posture of the person sitting on the massage chair, so that the contact area between the body and the massage chair is sufficient, disperses and relieves the various pressures on the body, reduces the body to bear the pressure of gravity, and makes people feel light Yes, it’s like floating.

Massage in this state not only makes the body feel very relaxed, but also effectively eliminates physical fatigue, allows you to quickly recover your spirits and complete tasks better.

3.There are a lot of massage chair brands, domestic and foreign brands of large and small may add up to more than one thousand, so you need to be more cautious when buying massage chairs.

It is best to understand the various functions of the massage chair and the matters needing attention when purchasing. For example, it is not suitable for pregnant women to use the massage chair, because the massage chair is fixed when performing acupoint selection massage.

It will avoid some acupuncture points like a masseur. Therefore, it is not suitable for pregnant women to use massage chairs; young children are also not suitable for massage chairs, because children at this stage are in the physical development stage and their bones are also in the growth stage.

Improper operation of the massage chair can cause accidents. Massage chairs should be used as little as possible or not suitable; people with high blood pressure or osteoporosis are also recommended to use less or not massage chairs to avoid physical discomfort and accidents.

The massage effect of the zero-gravity massage chair is good, but it also has a lot to do with the quality of the massage chair.

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