What are the main material differences for massage chairs with different prices?

What are the main material differences for massage chairs with different prices?
With the continuous development of social science and technology, people are paying more and more attention to health.

Massage chairs on the market are naturally received by many families, so in the face of so many brands, some people are dazzled.

So do you know what are the main material differences for massage chairs at different prices?

There are many massage chairs on the market now. Although they don’t seem to have much difference in function, the prices are very different, all because of the different parts used inside the massage chairs.

The main parts of the massage chair are motor, massage mechanism, massage wheel, main board, frame and leather.

  • 1.The motor is also commonly known as the motor, which mainly generates driving torque to provide a power source for electrical appliances or machinery. The mechanical energy can be converted into electrical energy, which is also an important driving force to support the operation of the massage chair manipulator.
  • 2.The massage mechanism is the core component of the massage chair. The metal massage mechanism is much better than the plastic massage mechanism.
  • 3.Massage wheel. 3D massage chairs will have massage wheels, and the material of the massage wheels also determines the comfort of the massage. The brand’s massage chairs are made of silica gel, which is soft and elastic, making the massage more comfortable.
  • 4.The main board is the brain of the massage chair. It is the carrier used to control the operation of the massage chair’s program, power supply and air valve motor. Through the input command, the main board receives and sends out corresponding instructions to achieve the operation of the massage.
  • 5.The frame of the massage chair supports the entire massage chair. It also determines the weight-bearing capacity of the massage chair and also determines the service life of the massage chair. The steel material used is the best.
  • 6. Leather of massage chair  The best massage chair leather is not genuine leather, but PU leather for massage chairs. This leather material is waterproof and wear-resistant, has a delicate and soft feel, and is waterproof and breathable.

Therefore, the material used in a good massage chair is expensive, and the price is naturally high. The materials used in the cheap massage chair still need to be paid more attention. To understand these clearly, it is helpful to buy a practical and long-lasting massage chair.

In short, when choosing a massage chair, focus on the aspects

First, the massage mechanism difference

The massage mechanism is a key part of the massage chair, and many functions are realized by it. Most of the massage chairs whose price is less than five thousand are fixed or 2D low-end massage mechanism, and the massage technique is relatively rigid. The strength is also not flexible enough, and naturally it will not have a good massage effect. Generally, the massage chair brands of major brands use 3D or 4D massage mechanisms.

This type of massage mechanism massage technique is more suitable for human hands, and also more suitable for human physiological curves. In this way, the massage points are more in place. Remember not to be deceived by the so-called 8D or even higher concept.

Second, the massage function

The general low-end massage chair function is not practical. The massage technique is relatively simple. The massage function of big brands is more scientific. Such as scraping on the soles of the feet, massage techniques for the waist, cervical spine, heat therapy, etc. It can make people feel comfortable all over.

The low-profile massage chair uses a short rail stroke, and many parts are not massaged in place, while most of the big brand massage chairs use SL-type rails, which have a relatively wide stroke and are more flexible. It can be rubbed from the shoulder to the buttocks.

Third, the difference in chair cover quality

The low-profile massage chair is made of ordinary leather. It feels a bit hard to the touch. The key is that it smells, is prone to cracks, and is not good for skin health. The massage chair of the big brand is made of professional green leather, which is soft to the touch. Breathable and natural, cracks are not easy to appear, and maintenance is relatively convenient.

So now, do you understand? Here is just a brief introduction. The high-quality massage chair uses a soft silicone massage head, a steel rail with a strong load-bearing capacity, and is filled with flame-retardant sponge.
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