Full Body Home Massage Chair

The winning way of the FUJIREJA massage chair factory

The winning way of the FUJIREJA massage chair factory

Full Body Home Massage Chair FJ-260

FUJIREJA massage chair has been in the field of production and research and development for 21 years. Bring you the real situation of the massage chair production workshop and the introduction of the manufacturing process, so that you can avoid detours when choosing a massage chair.

FUJIREJA Smart Massage Chair

The massage chair is composed of guide rails, movement, steel frame, main board, power supply, air pump, push rod, armrest, backrest, etc. The movement moves on the steel frame guide rails, and the operating principle is compared to other mechanical movement principles…

An automated program for the entire process of production, testing, and warehousing. Automatic flow of materials in different processes. Automatic flow of materials in different processes.

According to the implementation standards of domestic massage chairs, the movement, appearance, electrification, airbags, functions, and manual reset must be manually inspected after the final production process and before the whole machine leaves the factory. After power supply safety inspection, physical performance inspection, service life durability test, manual inspection of the whole machine, etc…

FUJIREJA massage chair factory, massage equipment focusing on the health industry, technology health care solution provider and brand service provider, providing comfortable, safe and healthy massage equipment.

Data from various sources show that massage chair products have become popular among middle and high-end consumer groups. This is related to the continuous improvement of people’s health awareness under high-pressure working conditions.

Because middle and high-end people have high requirements for the quality of massage chair products, the phenomenon of stratification of massage chair factories is extremely obvious. FUJIREJA stands out by virtue of its absolute advantages in technical strength and is favored by this part of high-end people.

Products with low brand awareness and low quality are often difficult to catch their attention, and massage chair products are no exception! FUJIREJA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., with its excellent quality and unique product design, has naturally become a massage chair factory recognized by the middle and high-end crowd.

“For more than ten years, FUJIREJA has continuously increased its research and development efforts in technology, and has a number of patents with independent intellectual property rights, which has laid a strong foundation for the formation of the excellent quality of the products.” Engineer of the R&D Department of FUJIREJA Massage Chair Factory Said.

The scale of the FUJIREJA massage chair factory is also one of the few in the industry. It has a professional team including design, production and sales, and is a leader among domestic massage chair factories. Now that the big health market is surging, FUJIREJA will once again make efforts in terms of quality to meet the consumption needs of middle and high-end people.

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