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Shoulders, necks, and calves are not the most popular massage parts for women on home massage chairs, these are!

The most popular massage parts for women on home massage chairs


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Women’s favorite massage section Top 2

Women’s favorite massage section Top 1


 the most popular massage parts for women on home massage chairs

There is a saying: the truth is often in the hands of a few people. I have to say that this sentence is also applicable in the field of home massage chairs! If you love massage, in your mind, which part of the massage is the most comfortable? Is it the neck, shoulders, waist, and calves?

If you think the same way, then the editor has to tell you with regret that after you actually experience the extremely thorough full-body massage, you will find that “these” are the most comfortable positions to press.

Some time ago, we asked a well-known masseur to give 50 women a full-body massage and asked them a question: after the full set of massage, which parts of the massage make you feel the most comfortable? The answer is quite surprising!

Women’s favorite massage section Top 2


I believe you probably have this illusion when it comes to buttocks massage: the buttocks are so soft, but they will be stiff and need a massage. In fact, it’s really not to mention that people nowadays have been sitting for a long time, and their buttock muscles are still quite stiff. “I insist on massaging my buttocks, and my back pain has improved a lot. It’s incredible.” “It turns out that the muscles of the buttocks are so stiff that you can make a sound when you press them. It’s really comfortable to press. So, for those who really understand massage, buttocks massage is simply addictive. If the message is not excessive, it will damage the muscles. They can’t wait to massage the buttocks all the time!

And when it comes to hip massage, I have good news for you. Home massage chairs can be equipped with 130 cm super long SL guide rails that can massage all the way to the hip. It is very comfortable to press; not to mention that the home massage chair also has a waist heating function, and the whole massage process is even more perfect!

Women’s favorite massage section Top 1

Laogong point

Finally, above the buttocks massage, the one that won the Top 1 gloriously is the Laogong point massage! Laogong point is located in the center of the palm. For modern people, massage at Laogong point is very useful. According to traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating the Laogong point can relieve heart fire, restore clarity of thinking, and relieve anxiety and impetuous emotions. will be relieved!

As for how to perform a spiritually stimulating Laogong acupoint massage, in addition to pressing the right hand with the left hand, a home massage chair can also help you! You should know that every home massage chair is equipped with Infinity Wave hand massage technology that combines mechanical hands and airbags. It can follow the massage concept of traditional Chinese medicine and give your hands a very comfortable massage, including the Laogong acupoint massage!

Well, the above are the top 2 massage parts that women love most. After reading it, I recommend you try it yourself!


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