fascia massage gun

Explain the fascia gun that you  may  don’t know in detail

Fascia gun that you  may  don’t know in detail

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History of Fascia Guns
The principle and function of the fascia gun

fascia massage gun

The fascia gun is a semi-professional personal care massager, don’t just look at the parameters.

The prices of fascia guns are different, and you should choose according to your own budget, and you should not blindly pursue high prices.

Sports students have better muscle mass than ordinary people, so it is recommended to consider a professional fascia gun; girls can choose a mini fascia gun or a professional fascia gun with a smaller stroke.

1. The development history of fascia gun

I don’t want to explain too much why fascia guns are popular. Most guide articles say this. The general opinion is that the European and American sports circles lead the trend, but the prototype of the fascia gun is the deep muscle vibration therapy device (DMS). There is almost no difference in principle and structure between the two.fascia gun

DMS has been around for a long time, and the theoretical basis is what is called “trigger points”, also known as pain points or trigger points.

This theory implies that there is a specific pain trigger point in the muscles of the body. When these trigger points are stimulated, they can cause local or systemic pain. The instrument uses vibrations to break up the scar tissue and reduce the sensitivity of the trigger point.

But the trigger or trigger point has always been a theoretical empirical medical research, and there is no relevant anatomical verification. Whether or not the theory is supported, DMS does work, but it’s expensive and out of reach of the average person. After studying it, you will understand that this thing’s structure is relatively simple.

Anthony Katz, the founder of HYPERICE, discovered this business opportunity and changed it to a type that does not need to be plugged in. The eye-catching effect quickly ignited this type of product.

But the fascia gun then was no longer a “civilian” thing. The price of a few thousand yuan is still unaffordable for ordinary people at home and abroad. At this time, some “geniuses” appeared. They studied it and found that this thing is composed of a motor, a battery, and a transmission system. Therefore, there is a case of jigsaw magic modified fascia gun, which can still be found online.fascia gun



It is considered to be the most suitable Wake soil jigsaw to be transformed into a self-made fascia gun. Among them, the WX540 model-Du sells it out, it can only be said that it has always been NB

The structure of the fascia gun is not complicated, and there are not many technical walls, and major brands have entered the market one after another. Under the struggle of all parties, the fascia gun was quickly returned to its due price, giving us a market where a hundred flowers are blooming and the price is close to the people.

2. The principle and function of the fascia gun

I found that most of the fascia gun strategies always start with a sentence, which is to introduce what fascia is. This makes me a little suspicious, do I really understand it?

If you search on Amazon. You will find that whether you search for a fascia gun or a massage gun, the end result is a massage gun.

The original intention of turning the massage gun into a “fascia gun” is for marketing communication.

Fascia is actually a relatively dense connective tissue distributed throughout the body. It is divided into three types: superficial fascia, deep fascia, and organ fascia, each with different functions. Among them, the deep fascia is the focus of our discussion. Call it the myofascial phase, which is easier to understand. To put it bluntly, the shape of muscle tissue is bundled, and myofascial is the inclusions wrapped by Yihe muscles. Another role it plays in muscle movement is lubrication.

Fujireja Facial Gun 3

After exercising or sitting for long periods of time, sometimes nerves continue to fire. Muscles don’t relax. Once the tendons have adhered, the forces will solidify in a contracted state. Even if the nerves are not excited, the muscles themselves cannot return to normal, resulting in muscle tension and soreness. The vibration function of the fascia gun can improve this situation to a certain extent.

In fact, after working in the personal care industry for such a long time, except for those with IQ taxes such as light waves and electromagnetics, most massage products have certain effects as long as they have specific physical or pulse technology.

Not long ago, a paper by the Harvard research team on Science explained it in great detail.

Fujireja Facial Gun

Through massage and mechanical arm pressing experiments, it is further proved that physical pressure and kneading can remove immune cells and inflammatory factors that cause inflammation in muscles. After the regular massage, the muscle repair speed is doubled, and the strength of muscle fibers is restored better.

The greater the force, the faster the recovery speed within a certain force range. Immunofluorescence image showing damaged muscle after mechanical treatment (right). Myofibers resemble healthy muscle and are quite different from untreated muscle.

Fujireja Facial Gun

Immunofluorescence images show that after mechanical treatment of damaged muscle (right), the myofibers are more similar to a healthy muscle and significantly different from treated muscle (left) | Reference Credit: Wyss Institute, Harvard University

The role of the fascia gun is to vibrate and tap muscle groups, which is actually a form of massage. This theory was first developed by DMS. It’s just that the main focus of the direct transmission at that time was the trigger point, and there was not much publicity.

This part has been written so much, the purpose is to tell you: the fascia gun is not a complex structural product, and the function of the fascia gun is no different from that of traditional physical massagers. Just a special name, the fascia gun is useful.

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