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Smart AI massage chair, civilians can also own it

Smart AI massage chairIntelligent Massage Chair

Smart AI massage chair, with a configuration of more than 20,000 yuan, a 2-year warranty, and supports voice control. When you are tired, you don’t need to look for the control panel everywhere, just gently wake up the massage chair and tell her your needs, and you can get both physical and spiritual relaxation.

In terms of appearance, the intelligent AI massage chair is available in a variety of colors, and you can choose according to your own decoration style. The high-end massage chair is specially customized with a 3D surround sound field sound, which has been carefully polished and adjusted hundreds of times so that you can relax your body and feel refreshed and happy at the same time.

In terms of quality, you don’t need to worry. The smart AI massage chair has a 2-year nationwide warranty and lifetime maintenance service. It doesn’t matter even if you live in a high-rise. Just place an order and enjoy free delivery and home installation services.

You can hardly imagine that a flagship massage chair has a zero-wall design. The whole machine occupies an area of only 1.08 square meters, and it has a place for large and small apartments.

The high-end intelligent AI massage chair has undergone a new upgrade in the control experience. It not only supports voice control and hand controller control, but the designers also provide you with a standard luxury car-level control panel.

The overall appearance is superior in quality and more convenient for the elderly at home. Use with children.

It is indeed the best in the industry. You can see that the NASA zero-gravity experience that can only be seen on the flagship aircraft has also been applied to this massage chair. It can also simulate the space capsule opening the zero-gravity 120° elevation angle and raising the feet above the heart.

Put the body’s center of gravity on the buttocks, reduce the pressure on the spine and joints, massage in this completely relaxed state, can fully relieve fatigue, and feel more relaxed both physically and mentally.

Do you also have what you want? The urge to try?

The intelligent AI massage chair pays great attention to the detailed experience. The skin-friendly new PU fabric is only to create a comfortable and breathable fabric texture. The robot arm is fully automatic welding, and the structure is precise and safe, and reliable.

In terms of function, the intelligent AI massage chair has built-in 7 kinds of sports restoration management and launched targeted sports management for various sports. According to the different characteristics of each sport, it can relax the tense muscles of relevant parts, reduce joint pressure, and relieve fatigue.

In addition, multiple sets of fully automatic programs suitable for different groups of people, different living habits, and different scene modes are preset, which can meet the needs of various life scenes.

It is worth mentioning that the smart AI massage chair adopts a USB+wireless charging dual design, allowing you to enjoy movies while enjoying sufficient power support. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is smart. In addition to supporting voice intelligent control, all motion repair programs are also fully automatic.

For example, the 3D finger-sensing movement, and the concave-convex 3D touch can bring you 11 master-level massage techniques like flowing clouds and flowing water, and of course, there are two-dimensional intelligent detection and APP control.

3D Intelligent Massage Chair

The intelligent AI massage chair is equipped with three-dimensional dynamic airbags as standard. The airbag massage chair can bring you a wrap-around wrapping experience. One charge and one release cycle pressing, gently pat and knead your body like waves, reducing the physical and mental burden, let you feel more relaxed.

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Smart AI massage chair

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