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To save the “sedentary people” in the office, the massage belt is really effective!

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For contemporary office workers, low back pain seems to have become a problem that each of us will encounter. Unavoidable sedentary office methods, daily incorrect sitting and standing postures, long-term commuting, business trips on the road, women’s menstrual periods, etc., are all factors that will increase the burden on the waist and cause low back pain.


There are many ways to release the pressure on the waist, but the most popular among sedentary people is the massage belt. Although there are many types of such products on the market, it is not easy to choose one that is really suitable for office workers and commuters.

Today we will talk about this topic in detail, and teach you how to choose a massage belt that can be used safely in the office, at home, and on the road.


In fact, the massage belt is not a new concept product, and the main reason why it is so popular is its massage function. After all, for sedentary office workers, who doesn’t want to massage while working?

What are the characteristics of an easy-to-use and practical massage belt?

1. There are various usage modes. For a massage product, rich modes mean to a certain extent that the usage rate is high and it is not easy to be idle.

2. Massage method and strength, which is also the aspect that most directly affects the experience of using the product, and the choice of strength is also key.

3. With the hot compress function, hot compress is very helpful for relieving back pain, and can effectively relieve women’s menstrual discomfort.

4. Easy to wear, a massage belt with light waist restraint, lightweight, easy to wear, and easy to operate is what we need.


When you choose a massage belt, you must fully evaluate the above four aspects and make a choice based on this.

6 massage modes to relieve a variety of low back pain symptoms

The body of this massage belt has 4 massage modes, and the APP has two relaxation modes. And each mode is equipped with 9 gears of pulse intensity. Whether you want to rub and massage to relieve waist soreness after sitting for a long time at work; or take high-speed rail or bus for a long time, want to press to improve waist stiffness and pain; or after standing for a long time, want to pat to relax waist pressure, etc., it can achieve a variety of massage techniques.

In addition, the two modes of massage and relaxation that come with the app are more professional in relieving waist stiffness and lumbar muscle strain, allowing us to enjoy the massage service we need anytime, anywhere.


Double-pulse massage, directly hitting sore and uncomfortable points to relieve symptoms

This double-pulse massage belt is a massage method that can really quickly relieve waist pain and directly act on sore muscles. The massage belt adopts industry-leading technology and combines the medium frequency + low frequency mixed double pulse massage method.

In fact, the physiotherapy and rehabilitation department of the hospital also uses intermediate frequency. More professional intermediate-frequency pulses can penetrate deep into the fascia layer and muscle layer, actively exercise muscles to enhance flexibility, and effectively improve waist discomfort for a longer period of time.


Low-frequency TENS pulses

It can quickly relieve back pain, allowing the tense muscles in the back to relax faster.

Different from ordinary massage belts, this belt adopts the form of massage on the left and right sides, so that it can accurately act on the source of soreness – the quadratus lumborum muscle, and achieve a massage form that directly hits the pain point.


Large-area hot compress, heating quickly and evenly

The thermal compress range of this belt can cover the entire waist, which can effectively promote blood circulation and improve waist stiffness. Moreover, the heat conduction speed of the belt is fast, and it only takes 5 seconds to feel warm and comfortable around the waist.

The hot compress mode has 3 levels of adjustable temperature, whether it is to keep the waist warm, relieve backache and fatigue, or use the hot compress mode to warm the waist and stomach during menstruation, it is very convenient and quick.


Invisible black technology, personal wear is not cumbersome

Many people buy massage belts but leave them unused. The main reason is that they are inconvenient to wear and unsightly. The heavy massage belt is worn around the waist, making it impossible to put on clothes, making it look bulky.

But the massage belt is very light, and it can achieve the effect of invisible wearing when worn on the waist. This massage belt is less thick than a mobile phone and weighs only 130g. The weight of the whole machine shows an absolute advantage. It is light and thin, and it will not take up space in a carry-on bag, saving storage space for other items.


The massage belt is also full of technology. The fabric is breathable and skin-friendly. Wearing it on the waist feels soft and waxy like yoga clothes. The electrodes equipped with it will not feel cold when they touch the skin, unlike ordinary metal electrodes that feel like foreign bodies.

When worn close to the body, it can be covered with loose clothing or concealed in tight bodysuits. Wear this massage belt whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go.

There are two modes of operation: APP and host box, you can choose according to your actual situation, and the intelligent control is simple and convenient.

However, I would like to remind everyone that a massage belt is a tool for relaxing the pressure on the waist and relieving soreness of the waist.

Waist Massager Smart Massage Belt Waist Massager

For sedentary people, in addition to using a massage belt, it is also very important to adjust their sitting posture and avoid crossing their legs as much as possible!

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