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Are Leg Massagers Worth It?

Leg Massagers

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Why you need to buy a leg massager
How to choose a leg massager

Leg Massagers

1. Why do you need to buy a leg massager?

When it comes to leg massagers, many people’s first reaction is that middle-aged and elderly people need them more. Indeed, as they get older, muscle content and muscle endurance will decline. The elderly are prone to inflexible legs, sore legs, and swollen legs. My body is not flexible enough, and I can’t massage myself. Buying a good leg massager can really relieve the symptoms.

But in fact, young people also have a lot of demand for it. For example, jobs that require standing for a long time, such as sales and counter work, will cause legs to be sore and swollen after work, and even varicose veins may appear; There will also be leg soreness and edema; if you have the habit of wearing high-heeled shoes, the calf muscles will be overly contracted, and your legs will be sore and uncomfortable after a day; in addition, people who have exercise habits will often have muscle soreness after exercise In this case, simple foot soaking and manual kneading are not very effective at this time. It is better to have a leg massager to relax.

In addition to relieving tired legs, leg massagers have many other functions.

It can help eliminate the edema of the lower limbs, make the legs look more slender, and have the effect of thinning the legs to a certain extent.

It can promote blood circulation, accelerate the decomposition and metabolism of fat, and make the legs look better.

It can relieve the pressure on the legs, make the legs and body more relaxed, and help sleep.

Having said all that, the leg massager is indeed excellent, but there are many leg massagers on the market, what kind of product is a good product? Let’s analyze how to choose a suitable leg massager.

2. How to choose a leg massager

1. Control portability
The convenience of control is mainly aimed at middle-aged and elderly people. If it is to be given to the elders as a gift, the one with simple control is preferred, so that it is easier to get started and will not be left idle. The operation methods of the four recommended leg massagers include touch and buttons, all of which are relatively simple and intuitive, and easy to use, so don’t worry about it.

2. Massage method

The massage methods of leg massagers on the market can be divided into airbag massage, vibration massage, hot compress massage, and pulse massage.

Airbag massage: It is a very common massage method nowadays. The massage is realized by inflating and deflating airbags. The advantage is that the massage area is large and softer, which can simulate the massage techniques of real people.

Vibration massage: Use the principle of muscle resonance to penetrate and massage muscles, so as to relax muscles and increase circulation.

Hot compress massage: Promote circulation and relieve fatigue through high temperature, which can be used as an auxiliary massage method.

Pulse massage: It is relatively rare to achieve a massage effect by stimulating muscle contraction with a pulse current.

You can see that the characteristics of the above massage methods are different, and you can decide according to your own needs when choosing. Among them, the pulse massage will inevitably have some tingling sensation because of the electric current. People who are more sensitive to this aspect are advised to avoid it.

3. Noise
The noise of the leg massager is an indicator that cannot be ignored. After all, many people use the leg massager for relaxation. The noise is too loud and uncomfortable to use, and some people choose to use it in the office, let alone too much noise. up.

4. Weight
The weight of the massager is mainly related to whether it is portable. If you must travel frequently, you need a light and easy-to-carry massager. Generally, the massager performs well in terms of weight, and the weight is controlled between 300 and 400 grams. There is not much difference in body feeling, and it is very convenient to carry or use.

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5. Material
The leg massager mainly uses flannel material and silicone material, which are different.

The advantage of the fleece material is that it is softer and more comfortable, and it can fit the legs better according to the shape of the legs, so as to achieve a better massage effect. At the same time, the velvet material is also convenient for you to put in the wormwood bag, etc., which is more flexible. The selected leg massagers are made of velvet, Oxford cloth, and linen. Some are soft and delicate, and some are breathable. They all feel more comfortable to use.

Silicone material: Because the shape is fixed, it is generally used for pulse or airbag massage. It is also good for the skin, but it is harder than flannel material, and because of the fixed shape, it cannot fit the legs like flannelette. type.

6. Hot compress function
As mentioned earlier, the hot compress function is mainly combined with massage, which can promote circulation and relax muscles. Therefore, it is recommended to give priority to choosing the hot compress function when choosing, so that the massage effect is better, and there is still a lot of heat when the weather is cold. With the good thermal effect, the legs will be more comfortable.

And regarding the hot compress function, some can adjust the temperature and some cannot. It is recommended to choose the adjustable one first so that you can change it according to your needs, which is more flexible and comfortable. In terms of temperature, it is about 40 to 50 degrees, and most people will be more comfortable using it.

7. Battery life
The battery life mainly corresponds to convenience. If you travel frequently, it is recommended to choose the one with long battery life. If you often use it at home, there is not much difference. However, the battery life is related to the way of use, so the battery capacity is compared here, and the battery capacities of these models are similar.

8. Others
Price: At present, the price of leg massagers on the market ranges from several hundred to several thousand. Of course, it is also related to the type of massage. My suggestion is not to choose too expensive or too cheap, with a medium price and functional configuration. Both are pretty good.

Appearance: The leg massager is a practical product, so the appearance is not too important, but if you are giving it as a gift, you may still need to consider the appearance.

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