foot bath spa water massager

It’s time to make an all-round SPA for your feet–evaluation of smart foot massager

Evaluation of smart foot massager

foot bath spa water massager


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Traditional Chinese Medicine Foot Bath SPA
First Impressions of Smart Foot Massager
Classification of Foot Massager Revealed


Traditional Chinese Medicine Foot Bath SPA

As the saying goes: When people get old, their feet decline first. relative! Have you soaked your feet today? Chinese traditional Chinese medicine is extensive and profound. Through thousands of years of research, a complete and systematic foot reflexology has been developed.

You can find the reflex areas of the corresponding organs on the feet. Massage the corresponding reflex areas to relieve the pain of the corresponding organs. !

The pace of society is so fast now, after a busy day, maybe you just want to go home and lie in bed, or take a hot bath. but you know what? Compared with a hot bath, soaking your feet in hot water is actually the best way to relieve fatigue! Soaking feet can completely relax the feet that have been burdened all the time, and at the same time relieve the fatigue of the body.

I remember when I came home from school when I was a child, my mother would prepare a large basin of hot water for me to soak my feet before going to bed. Now that our living standards have improved, we can go to a foot bath shop or buy a foot bath device, but if we go to a foot bath shop, we will definitely not be able to afford the cost each time. Buying a foot bath device has become our common choice. How to choose a good and cheap foot bath?

First Impressions of Smart Foot Massager

Last year, I also bought one from a certain treasure, but the effect was very poor. I washed it twice and let it “eat ashes”. I am a rice fan who is very interested in products. I also have a lot of smart products at home. I especially like the smart experience, and I also like to go shopping in the mall. It is a great honor to get the opportunity to experience the smart foot massager in the public test section of the mall. I am very grateful to the mall for this rare opportunity, thank you!

The smart foot massager is packaged in our most commonly used corrugated paper, with shock-absorbing foam inside to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation. The front is the main view of the foot bath, which allows users to get a general idea of what it looks like, with the name of the product on it and the logo of Youpin in the lower left corner. The appearance design of the intelligent foot massager is very simple, which is more in line with the aesthetics of our modern people. It removes the complicated design and restores the most simple and perfect design of the product.

Classification of Foot Massager Revealed

Open the foot bath, and there is a box with accessories in the package. To be honest, the design of the manufacturer is quite considerate, and the accessories are also very rich. On the whole, both the outer packaging and the accessory box are very careful, here is a thumbs up to the manufacturer! Have you noticed a detail, that is, the power cord is still designed to prevent leakage, which truly protects users intimately?

The reason why I like the product is mainly that the product is simple and square, and the simple and fashionable design of pure white color matching. The biggest advantage of this design is that it can be highly integrated with any household product, no matter where it is placed, it is a perfect work of art.

The operation panel design of the smart foot massager is also very simple. If you buy it for your parents at home, the design of the large function keys also meets the needs of your parents. The panel is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally splash it with water. At the same time, the panel is a touch design, which can be operated with a light touch. Although it is a simple button design, it has many functions, including smart mode, heating surf mode, foot massage, timing, temperature setting, and power on and off. There is certainly no obstacle to the use of parents at home, and it can be easily identified and operated.

The four universal wheels at the bottom of the smart foot massager are designed. To be honest, this design is very thoughtful. If parents are at home alone, let them carry such a foot bath full of water to the bathroom to pour water, and the distance will definitely not bear its weight. At the same time, this design is also the design that complains about the most before using it, and it is only after using it a lot later that you will know the really fragrant design that is convenient.

Almost all parts of the smart foot massager are designed to be detachable, such as the detachable massage disc, filter screen, and the upper cover of the health care medicine box. The detachable design is not only easy to replace but also convenient to clean. I have also used some foot baths that cannot be disassembled. After using it for a long time, the various dirt on it is really a headache to clean up. At the same time, there will be a lot of bacteria in it after using it for a long time, which will definitely affect my health. , and the detachable design of the smart foot massager perfectly solves these troublesome problems.

The power interface of the intelligent foot bath massager adopts a hidden design. When using it, you need to push the baffle up slightly to see the power interface. At the same time, the power cord is also a resettable anti-leakage protection design, which can cut off the power in 0.1s. It also adopts the DPS low-voltage instant heating system. The advantage of the low-voltage safety heater is that it is safer. There are 3 layers of magnesium powder insulation inside, which is 10 times the insulation thickness of ordinary PTC heaters and can completely separate water and electricity. Let users use it safely and securely.

foot bath spa water massager
The drain switch of the smart foot bath massager abandons the leather plug design of ordinary foot baths and adopts a hidden water outlet design. The water outlet is designed to face downward, and the water will flow out just by pulling it out. Are you also moved by various design details and want to buy one for experience?

Compared with other foot massagers relying on manual massage, the four massage beads on the massage disc of the intelligent foot massager can rotate freely, realizing 3D all-around automatic massage, restoring the effect of traditional manual massage, and the most important thing is realizing the smoothness of both feet. Simultaneous massage, allows you to experience the simultaneous massage of both feet which cannot be experienced in foot bath shops.

In addition, this product also has the most important mode, which is the heating surf mode mentioned above. Its realization principle is also very simple, that is, the hot water in the foot bath is sprayed out from the small hole in the front end by circulating operation. Furthermore, the surfing effect of hot water impacting the instep is realized, which is very comfortable. Compared with 3D massage, surf mode is another indescribable experience.


Generally speaking, the smart foot massager perfectly solves another way to release stress when we return home after a tiring day, besides taking a hot bath to relax our body and mind. The cold winter is coming soon, and it is the best product for me who lives in the north I am afraid of cold feet. I can use it to soak my feet or add some medicines to it for therapeutic massage, so I don’t need to go to the foot bath shop expenses.

Warm people first warm their feet, if you love her, buy her a smart foot massager!

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