Foot Massager Stool

This “stool” massages on the top and soaks feet on the bottom, making you feel comfortable from head to toe! Smart foot spa massager, not just a massager

Smart foot spa massager

Foot Stool Massager with storage cover FJ-919

The thing in the picture is a foot tub that I want to recommend.

I guess you must be thinking:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? Isn’t this a stool?


Indeed, it can also be used as a stool, but you will know it as soon as you take it apart👆

It is especially useful as a foot bath, and it can also massage your feet when soaking your feet.

At the same time, this design also solves the storage problem.

It’s not over yet—

This cover is not only a cushion but also a massager.

It can vibrate and generate heat. When soaking your feet, you can put it on your back to massage your back or put it on your thighs to heat up. It warms the thighs that have not been soaked, and the experience is quite comfortable! This amazing design is amazing.

Why is it so practical? Foot bath, massage, every experience is amazing! There is no sacrifice of the texture that any part should have because of versatility.

First, let’s talk about the foot tub as the main body.

It is very convenient to add water, heat, and keep warm, these are the basic functions,

At the same time, it can also massage your feet!

People who usually like to soak their feet for a long time must know that in order to maintain the water temperature, they have to think about heating the water while soaking, which affects the experience.

This foot tub is different, it can heat the water up to 48 ℃, and can keep the water temperature continuously, don’t worry about the water getting cold.

There are also two-foot bath modes, “heated surf” and “automatic massage”.

Heated Surf:

There are multiple circulating water outlet holes on both sides above the foot tub. The water is poured down like a shower, and the warm water is continuously poured on the calves and insteps~

Automatic massage:

There are 4 rollers at the bottom of the foot tub, and each roller has 4 raised massage beads. When turned on, they will rub the soles of your feet by rotating~

Soak your feet in the constant temperature water and feel like you can sit until dawn!

Which mode is more comfortable, surfing or massage?

Adults – of course, both options at the same time!

Then put the massage cushion on the thigh, vibrate while heating,

Ah~ It’s not so annoying to soak your feet while rushing to draft!

Foot Spa Massager with storage cover 4

There are many usage scenarios for massage cushions:

When working, it can be placed on the back of the chair, and the vibration massages the lower back of the sedentary. It can also support the waist and avoid subconscious hunchback.

During the days of a woman’s menstrual period, she can turn on the hot compress mode alone,

Padded under the lower abdomen, the stomach will be much more comfortable.

When not using the foot tub, put the lid on,

Successfully transformed into a small stool.

It not only prevents the foot tub from accumulating dust but also looks beautiful. No one knows that this is a foot tub unless you tell me. Put it in the porch, it can be used to put on and take off shoes.

It can also be placed next to the sofa and used as a footstool.

With this amazing design, they combine a foot tub, a massager, and a stool in one.

For the price of a foot tub, a full-body relaxer is included as a bonus, and it doesn’t take up storage space. I am convinced by this design.

How to use the foot tub?

The foot tub is very safe to use.

The wires are detachable, and there is a socket slide cover at the socket on the foot tub to avoid water ingress; the plug is designed to prevent leakage, so there is no need to worry about the hidden danger of leakage.

Note: After plugging in the plug, the red light on the plug is on, indicating that it is in the power-on state.

The whole machine has only one rotatable button, press it to start the machine.

Click the button to switch the mode, or use the two modes together.

foot bath spa water massager

In the “Heat Surf” mode, turn the number clockwise to increase the temperature, and the maximum temperature can be adjusted to 48°C;

Turn counterclockwise to lower the temperature.

The foot tub is quite deep, and if you fill it up with water, you can bathe together with the lower half of your calf.

There is also a bath material box in the basin.

You can add some bath materials to it according to your own needs to make it healthier and make the foot bath experience even better.

There is also a filter in the basin, which can filter out the inadvertently fallen hair and the debris of the herb bag, without blocking the drain hole.

The massage ball, bath material box, and filter screen can be disassembled and cleaned, which is very convenient.

The foot tub has handles for easy mobility. There is also a hidden drain at the bottom for easy drainage after soaking your feet.



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