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Massage table

Massage beds are also called acupressure beds, beauty beds, physiotherapy beds, back rub beds, etc. They are widely used in foot bath shops, beauty salons, physiotherapy hospitals, bathhouses and other places.


1. According to the material, it can be divided into: solid wood massage bed, iron frame massage bed, aluminum alloy massage bed, stainless steel massage bed, acrylic massage bed, etc.;

2. According to characteristics, it can be divided into: foldable massage bed and non-foldable massage bed;

3. According to the purpose, it can be divided into: medical massage bed (TCM massage bed), physiotherapy massage bed (health massage bed), foot massage bed (foot bath massage bed), SPA massage bed (sauna massage bed), shampoo massage bed, Beauty and body massage beds, etc.;

4. According to the style, it can be divided into: Chinese massage bed, Japanese massage bed, Thai massage bed, etc.


Bed frame structure: Usually the bottom frame of the massage bed includes wooden frame, iron frame, stainless steel frame, and aluminum alloy frame. Generally, the cost of wooden frame is relatively high, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel frame.

Among them, the iron frame is relatively affordable and has reliable fastness. The disadvantage is that after a long time, the paint will fall off and the joints will become glued.

Stainless steel racks are recommended for use in places such as bathing and rubbing your back or where there is water. Even if there is a lot of water and high humidity, it will not rust easily. The iron frame spray looks very smooth, and it is not easy to rust, and it is easy to weld into a strong one, but it is not as rust-resistant as stainless steel in places that are too humid.

Massage beds with solid wood bed frames are also more reliable and give people a higher grade. However, due to the higher cost, the price is also higher.

Soft bag structure: The filling in the soft bag usually uses a combination of hard and soft sponges to ensure a certain level of comfort while also ensuring the bed’s non-deformation and high resilience. Most of the fabrics are matched with leather materials, usually imitation leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, genuine leather, etc. Fabric fabrics can also be used.

Massage table features

Feature 1 of the massage bed: Shiatsu massage.

Using the body’s own acupoints to press the body’s meridians and stimulate a variety of receptors, it can regulate the balance of yin and yang in the body, the movement of qi and blood, and enhance the functions of the internal organs. Acupressure medicine believes that diseases are caused by the inability to release energy and uneven energy.

Acupressure uses the palms, thumbs, finger joints, elbows, knees, and even feet to apply pressure to parts of the body. They glide through meridian lines and energy conduits, applying pressure to hundreds of acupuncture points and meridian points throughout the body. Acupressure is not only safe but also simple and effective. It plays an important role in maintaining health, enhancing vitality, and balancing qi and blood.

Feature 2 of the massage table: spinal correction.

Through acupressure, massage, and orderly grooming through the spinal area where nerve cells and muscle cells are densely packed, heat energy can be quickly transmitted deep into the body. At the same time, combined with the effects of light, heat, and photochemistry, it can soften tissues, Traction corrects the spine.

Spine orthopedics in Western medicine orthopedics believes that during long-term working and living of human beings, bad living and working styles cause damage to the human spine, causing the spine to become skewed and displaced, thus causing varying degrees of compression to the spinal nerve tissue and damaging the nerves. The normal working function reduces the ability of the nervous tissue to regulate the physiological functions of the internal organs of the human body, thereby causing the body’s natural immunity to decline and ultimately leading to the occurrence of various diseases in the body.

Therefore, unhealthy spine is a major root cause of various diseases in the human body.

The third characteristic function of the massage bed: warm and hot.

It can enhance the movement energy of white blood cells, thereby enhancing the bactericidal function, promoting adrenal cortex gland metabolism, and enhancing inflammatory function and immunity. Heat is a type of physical energy. Utilizing the energy conversion of thermal energy in living organisms is the most commonly used method in physical therapy.

It stimulates the meridians, acupuncture points, and painful areas on the surface of the human body to a certain extent, giving warm breath to the meridians, and smoothing the circulation of qi and blood, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing and treating diseases.

The fourth characteristic function of the massage bed: massage.

Targeting specific parts of the human body (meridians, acupoints, nerves) to dredge meridians, regulate nerves, and eliminate pain.

The fifth characteristic function of the massage bed: beauty and body beauty.

It refers to perfecting the body’s posture through various massage methods, making the body beautiful and sexy, and achieving beautiful skin, face slimming, lifting, slimming and other effects.

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