characteristics of massage mattresses

The magical functions and characteristics of massage mattresses

Magical functions and characteristics

1. What functions do massage mattresses generally have, and what points do we need to pay attention to?

The main functions of massage mattresses are generally three kinds:
Hot compress
The kneading function of this mattress is basically at the neck position. Although there are many areas that can be massaged, most of them rely on vibration. Some massage mattresses only have the kneading function of the neck.

General mattresses have hot compress functions, which are generally located on the back. Some slightly more expensive ones also have abdominal hot compress functions.

Some massage mattresses will have lumbar pillows. Generally, the models of massage mattresses with lumbar pillows are designed by manufacturers in accordance with ergonomics. It can be easily disassembled and installed. However, some brands of massage mattresses only have air bags at the waist, which cannot be disassembled.

In some high-end massage mattresses, air bags will be added to other places, such as the back, waist, legs, etc. Of course, the size and number of air bags also determine the price. The advantage of air bags is that during the massage process, the massage area is more tightly wrapped, which can effectively promote blood circulation.

When using a massage mattress, I recommend using it for about 15 minutes. I personally feel that this length of time is just enough to relax the body.

There are generally two types of massage methods:
Motor massage: This type of massage method is often used at the neck, but most of them use a multiple vibration massage module.
Airbag massage: Commonly used in mid-to-high-end massage mattresses, this massage method is more gentle, more natural, and more in line with the human body, so it will be more comfortable to massage.

2. Features of massage mattresses

You can relax and massage anytime, anywhere
Small size, easy to store
Easy to carry, you can relax and massage at any time (the most important thing is that you can lie down! Lie down! Lie down!)
The price is more affordable

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