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Elctric massage beds!

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The high-tech craze that is popular all over the world has also spread to the Chinese beauty industry. Many families and beauty shops are rushing to develop and add a variety of beauty equipment.

For example: electric massage beds and even home beauty instruments have entered people’s homes.

Faced with the wide variety of beauty equipment on the market, we must understand and judge from the following aspects when choosing

According to different functions and uses, electric products are divided into: medical electric ones (mainly for traditional Chinese medicine and massage), physiotherapy electric ones (for health care), foot massage electric ones (for foot massage clubs and leisure use), beauty and body electric ones, etc.

You can identify the advantages and disadvantages of electric massage beds from the following aspects:

1. Mattress raw materials

The filling in the soft package of the mattress can generally be mixed with two different types of hard and soft sponges to ensure that the company will not only affect the comfort but also ensure the non-deformation and high resilience of the electric massage bed.

Now some new high-end electric brands are beginning to choose super soft thick silk sponges and water cushions, which can be attached to different shapes to reduce the pressure on guests’ joints and muscles and relax them.

When choosing a massage bed, be sure to try the sponge used to make the massage bed with your own hands. Generally, the higher the density of the sponge, the better. The higher the density, the better the resilience. This method can effectively understand the quality of the massage bed.

Massage beds are favored by consumers because of their high comfort and good physical therapy effects.

2. Fabric

Depending on the leather material, usually leather, leather microfiber, etc., cloth fabrics can also be used. Beauty care focuses on the effectiveness of the instrument, whether the effect is obvious and lasting.

3. High cost performance is king.

Nowadays, the price of domestic beauty devices varies according to the development of different companies and brands. Shop around and choose a beauty device based on your budget. When comparing the prices of beauty beds, you should not blindly pursue low prices, but should look at the price of the equipment, its quality, the technology used, and whether the effects match.

4. Brand effect is a guarantee

Choose well-known brand manufacturers and regular ones, and carefully check the manufacturer’s business license, certificates and other complete production certificates. You also need to understand the strength of the company, for example: check whether the company develops and produces these instruments independently, or whether it hires someone to process them. And manufacturers with technological innovation capabilities, whether they have complete new product development and innovation capabilities, etc.

5. Things to note

Home electronic massage beds with different functions will have very different prices and functions. It is recommended that you shop around when choosing, and don’t just be cheap. The quality of electronic products must be guaranteed first, and you must look carefully. Whether the development between manufacturers has relevant qualifications and quality management guarantees!

Written by: Susan from FUJIREJA Massage Chair Group
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