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Should shoulder and neck massages be done twice a day?

Nowadays, many office workers often live a nine-to-five life. They usually lack exercise. Over time, it is easy to reduce the body’s resistance, which leads to easy to get some diseases, such as cervical spondylosis, which is very common. In fact, when you have free time, you can do shoulder and neck massages, relax, and have certain benefits for your own health. You can learn about this knowledge.

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Knowledge of shoulder and neck massage
The optimal frequency of shoulder and neck massager massage

1. The shoulder and neck have a certain relaxing effect on the human body, and it can relieve cervical vertebra disease to a certain extent. The price is generally relatively cheap. Generally speaking, a course of treatment is ten days. The specific number of courses of treatment or how long depends on the individual Generally speaking, when you go to a regular hospital, the doctor will introduce it to you and will choose a suitable treatment period for you according to your specific situation.

2. It is also common to do shoulder and neck exercises twice a day. If there is no abnormal situation, you don’t need to worry too much. And some people have headaches or irregular menstruation after doing shoulder and neck. If the situation is serious, they must stop doing shoulder and neck. Although the shoulder and neck have a certain relief effect on the human body, frequent dosing of The shoulders and neck are also harmful to the human body.

3. If there are some diseases in the shoulder and neck, it is best to carry out an appropriate physical exercise to enhance the body’s resistance. This is very important, even better than shoulder and neck massage. The effect of the medicine is of course undeniable, but medicine has three Everyone understands the principle of dividing the poison, so it is best for everyone to take time to do proper physical exercise. This effect is the same as that of the neck and shoulders.

The shoulder and neck massage can be carried out every day. One time is about 30 minutes. First, the shoulder and neck muscles are widely massaged with gentle techniques. It mainly plays the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and relaxing the muscles. This process can be continued. 10 minutes or so, followed by a five-minute rest.

Then you can choose the pain points with pain in the shoulder and neck for corresponding massage. The power of this can be moderately increased, because the previous process ensures local blood circulation and ensures local muscle relaxation, so the second process can be appropriately increased. Strength, for a concentrated massage where there are pain points, this process can last 5-10 minutes, followed by a five-minute rest.

Finally, do a broad, gentle relaxing massage for 5-10 minutes to stabilize the massage effect. The massage process of the day can be carried out in this order, and the massage can be carried out every day.

If you use a shoulder and neck massager to massage, there will be instructions on the general instrument. Under normal circumstances, the massage time of the instrument is 15-30 minutes, and the time interval is between 1-3 hours. Excessive and excessive massage is also harmful to the human body. There is not much benefit, so if you use a shoulder and neck massager to massage, it is recommended to massage three to four times a day.

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