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Do you know the Massage roller material of the massage chair?

We also talked about the Massage roller when we talked about the mechanism. Inferior massage chairs use engineering plastics, and the material is hard, so whether it is kneading or beating, it will not feel too comfortable.

Generally speaking, a slightly normal economic home massage chair will use silica gel

Even if it is comfortable or not, it is actually more subjective. I suggest you try more if you have the conditions.

There may also be a massage roller in another place, which is the sole of the foot. It is usually used in conjunction with the bladder. After forming a downward pressure on the foot, your foot will step on the magic of a finger press. If you are not used to it, you will feel strange but comfortable, if you have an old Chinese doctor next to you at this time, he will tell you that it hurts because you don’t get it. Press more to get used to it, or wear an extra pair of socks.

For the airbag problem of the home massage chair, many people have three error areas. The first is: that the better the airbag; the second is: that the more airbags, the better; the third is: that the wider the airbag distribution, the better.

First of all, the first two points are a bit contradictory, and both are not true. The design of the envelope itself is not based on the size or the number of oligonucleotides but has to be designed for different parts.

For example, a large bladder design is generally adopted for large muscle groups such as hips and waist, so that the covering effect is better than that of small airbags. Because the small airbags are separated too much, there will be gaps between the airbags, which will cause uncompressed conditions.

The strength of the small bladder is also insufficient to meet the pressure requirements of the large muscle groups; and for the forearm, foot, and other parts, these parts are different from the large muscle groups, and their tolerance is relatively weak, and the area is also small, so A small bladder is often used.

Shells are mainly for the function of muscle groups. For meatless parts, the effect of the bladder is actually minimal. In addition, the bladder distribution is too wide, which may also affect the coverage of the manipulator. Therefore, the general bladder distribution only needs to cover the limbs (generally the arms, Calf, and feet) and lower waist, and shoulders, these parts are fine.

Is heating useful? In fact, it is still very useful. It may not be used in hot weather, but in winter, especially in the unheated south, the massage with a little heating function of the massage chair will make people feel more comfortable and relaxed, and the massage effect will naturally be doubled. This function handles very necessarily for Ladies in that special period.

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