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Do you know the main practical functions of a massage chair?

In a busy metropolis. People have been busy in order to live, in the face of life, work pressure makes people physically and mentally tired, For a long time, they are troubled by sub-health conditions, and some people want to relax by lying on a massage chair. Is that really effective? Now as a domestic massage chair brand life power to specific introduction.

In fact, the high quality massage chair has a more intelligent massage technique, Massage all parts of the body in a scientific manner. For example, neck massage helps to stimulate lymph. Massage Fengchi and Tianzhu are helpful to relax the tension of the brain, improve the soreness of the shoulder muscles, and also assist in relaxing the muscles and tendons. Promote the body to expel some toxic waste.

We also know that many office workers are sedentary in front of the computer work, during rest time also like to bow their heads to play on mobile phones, lumbar and cervical spine to bear a lot of pressure. Some massage chairs with open back way can find acupoints. Simulated human hand massage. Light to heavy. Can effectively improve muscle fatigue. I feel alive again.

Professional 3D / 4D movement allows deep massage according to the Smart point and the muscles around the shoulder blade. Relieve lumbar muscle fatigue. Plus light beating waist hole position helps to promote blood circulation. Relieve back pain. Joint meridians are also dredged.

Coupled with the SL-shaped guide rail, which can fit the human body’s normal physiological curve, this kind of guide rail travel is relatively long, from the shoulder to the hip position. Helps to improve fatigue caused by sitting. The robot reaches the tail vertebra, after rubbing the top and slapping the technique, effectively protecting the muscles around the pelvic bone to shape the tight hip, and you don’t have to worry about the deformation of the sitting hip. Another point is that it can dredge qi and blood. Rubbing ring jumping points to improve foot pain is also advantageous. The pressure is released.

Chinese medicine says that the soles of the feet are distributed at many points of the human body, and the massage chair’s foot roller scraping massage technique helps to improve foot fatigue. It also helps to improve the function of the spleen and stomach. Skin will slowly become beautiful.

So when it comes to here, do you understand? If the massage chair comes with a warm feel massage. Can give the body warm care. Let’s remind here. The massage chair uses the time to control in about 20 minutes. Finally want to know more relevant knowledge. Welcome to the FUJIREJA store.

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