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Comparison between air bag pressing massager and contact point pressing massager

Air bag pressing massager & contact point pressing massager

The principle of the air bag pressing type is to massage the skin around the eyes by inflating and deflating the air bags; the principle of the contact pressing type is to achieve massage through the back and forth movement of the convex point type ejection and contraction.

Both have their pros and cons. From my evaluation experience, I would like to summarize the differences between the two models:

  • The feeling of contact pressing will be stronger than the feeling of air bag pressing.
  • The massage area pressed by the air bag is larger than the area pressed by the contact point.
  • The friction force of air bag pressing is smaller than the friction force of contact pressing type.
  • The heating speed and heat preservation effect of air bag pressing are better than that of contact pressing.
  • The contact pressing sound will be quieter than the airbag pressing sound.

I have reviewed 20 eye massagers in detail in my article. I won’t go into too much detail here and will try my best to describe it as concisely as possible. Friends who want to know more can read the article directly:

So what should you pay attention to when purchasing an eye massager?

First of all, make it clear whether the eye massager is a gift or for personal use, and whether the gift is for friends or clients.

For personal use: Pursue practicality, focusing on the material of the lining and portability.
Gift giving: Try to be as grand in appearance as possible, and try to choose big brands. After all, you need to spend money to save face.

There are five core factors that distinguish the quality of an eye massager: massage experience, hot compress function, lining material, portability, and extendability.

1) Massage experience:

The massage methods of the eye massager are divided into air bag massage and touch massage. Airbag massage feels like doing eye exercises. When purchasing, focus on the shape of the airbag. The more reasonable the layout, the better it can cover the eight main acupuncture points around the eyes. Touch massage uses the massage head to massage the acupoints point-to-point. The focus is on the strength and comfort of the massage. This can only be experienced by actually wearing it.

2) Hot compress function:

Hot compress is a very important function of an eye massager. The most comfortable temperature for the human body is 42°C. Just choose an eye massager with a constant temperature between 40°C and 44°C.

3) Lining material:

The lining material of the eye massager is PU leather, velvet, and protein leather.

PU leather is a synthetic leather that is waterproof and grease-proof, but it is prone to wrinkles after long-term use.

The flannel fabric is more delicate and more comfortable and skin-friendly when in contact with the skin. The disadvantage is that it is easy to stain with oil and cannot be washed.

Protein leather is a higher-grade artificial leather. Its advantages are better breathability than PU leather, softer hardness and better wear resistance.

To sum up, the conclusion is as follows: protein leather > flannel > PU leather.


4) Portability:

If the functions are complete, try to choose an eye massager that folds 180 degrees, which is convenient to carry when going out and is also convenient to store.

5) Extension ability:

Many eye massagers come with their own music library, and some can also connect to mobile phones through Bluetooth to play music. This thing is better than nothing.

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