Wireless neck massager, is really useful?

Wireless neck massager: wonderful massager for the neck!

When working, writing articles, and writing code, I often sit for a few hours. After a long time, I will feel uncomfortable in my neck. When I have one wireless neck massager, is it effective?

For long-term desk work, maintain a posture facing the computer, especially when the height of the computer screen needs to be lowered, and the neck bears the pressure of the entire head. The neck muscles are highly tense and prone to soreness. Choosing an appropriate massager will help relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation, avoid further neck muscle strain, and reduce possible dizziness and tinnitus.

Someone who writes code for a long time at work usually uses it mostly in the office. When choosing a wireless neck massager, you must consider the following: the size of the massager should not be too large, the seat and table can not fit, and the massage sound should not be too loud, which will affect other colleagues.

It’s best to be portable. It’s too busy to work overtime. There is no special time to press. You can press the tool anytime, anywhere. It can be charged without wiring, so don’t grab a socket while pulling a long line. The appearance is fashionable, the value of the appearance is justice, and it can be worn on the body.

The cervical spine wireless neck massager is a new neck-protecting instrument, which has a certain role in relieving neck fatigue, and there is also a basis.

1. Hot compress, regardless of Chinese or Western medicine, has a certain basis. Constant temperature can promote blood microcirculation in the neck, strengthen metabolism, and relieve neck fatigue.
2. Massage is mainly based on the acupoint massage principle of Chinese medicine to massage the acupuncture points, muscles and nerves of the neck to relieve neck fatigue.

In summary, the main functions of the wireless neck massager are:
1. Relieve neck fatigue.
2. Prevent neck diseases,
3. Remind to maintain the neck protector,

Therefore, for those who sit for a long time, work at the desk for a long time, and study, the electric neck massager is a good way to protect the neck. It is economical and practical (you can buy one for 2 physical massages). The key is to own it. A cervical spine massager can be used for neck protection anytime, anywhere, regardless of geographical time, which is really convenient.

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