Can the head massager be used frequently? What are the three main functions of a head massager?

1203Faced with the fast-paced work environment and high-intensity work pressure, many people choose to use a head scalp massager to relieve them after a day of work, so that the brain gradually relaxes.

Although the effect of the head massager is good, many people still have doubts about the frequency of use of the head massager, worrying that excessive use will cause side effects. In fact, as long as the daily use time is within 30 minutes, the head massager will only have a healthy effect on the brain.

The effect of head massager (scalp massager) is mainly reflected in three aspects. People who often use head massager can experience these effects through a period of massage.

The first aspect is to relieve brain fatigue.

After a busy day of work, the use of a head massager can effectively relieve symptoms such as nervousness, head swelling and pain, and can also perform targeted massage on temples and other locations, which has a better soothing effect.

The second aspect promotes clearer thinking in the brain.

After the massage, the blood circulation in the brain becomes more smooth, and the heart relaxes to a calm state. At this time, you can make a better analysis when thinking about anything.

The third aspect is to promote mental recovery.

After being massaged with a head massager, as the acupuncture points on the head are stimulated, it will promote blood circulation throughout the body, enhance the normality of the body’s meridians, and achieve the effect of rapid recovery of the spirit.

Although the scalp massager  works well, it is not suitable for all people. For people with head injuries or head diseases, they are not suitable for this wide range of massage equipment to prevent the stimulation of acupoints from causing diseases or changes in wounds. When choosing the daily massager, we should also choose different massage devices according to different groups to achieve the best health care effect.

For office workers, they should choose a massage device with shoulder, neck, waist, and scalp head massage functions. The massage, beating, and kneading functions of the device can achieve the purpose of completely relaxing the whole body.

For the elderly, it is better to choose a massager with less strength to prevent excessive strength from adversely affecting the bones. For people who exercise regularly, you need to choose a massager with muscle kneading function.

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Is the fascia massage gun good for the body? What is the principle of the fascia gun?

Fascia gun, the full name of muscle fascia relaxation massage gun, named as Fascia Gun /massage gun, is used for fascia relaxation high-frequency impact therapy (Percussion Therapy).

After fitness or exercise, the sympathetic nerves are over-excited, causing the muscles to be too tense when they are static, resulting in fascial adhesions, which affects the recovery of growth.

When fascia is adhered or damaged, the body often has many uncomfortable reactions: muscle stiffness, stiffness, tightness, local skin temperature is low, moist; muscle tissue is loose, inelastic or elastic, sunken; subcutaneous, deep muscle , There are irregular lump-shaped or string-shaped hard tissues between the sutures.

This is a way for the body to protect muscles, and it is also a protective mechanism that hinders muscle recovery. In particular, some deep-seated muscles are difficult to reach by foam shafts or vibrating foam shafts.

Therefore, it is necessary to release these extra excitement through fascia relaxation, so that the above problems can be solved and alleviated. With dynamic stretching before training and static stretching after training, the muscles and joints are more beautiful and safe.Is the fascia massage gun good for the body? Compared with our daily use of foam rollers to relax, the fascia gun relaxes muscles and fascia more deeply and accurately.

The fascial guns are used in professional American MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL professional teams, European football club teams, professional athletes in Europe and the United States, US Marines, IFBB professional bodybuilders, and sports enthusiasts. From Neymar to Durant to James to Griffin, they are all fans of the product.

The fascia gun produces 2000-3000 vibrations per minute, and helps the muscles and soft tissues to relax and recover through the gun head impacting the target part of the body, and promote blood circulation.

At the same time, it effectively dissipates the large amount of creatine produced by the human body due to fatigue in exercise, work, and life, and has a very good effect of relieving body fatigue; its high-frequency oscillation effect can penetrate deep skeletal muscles and relax skeletal muscles instantly. Meridians, nerves and blood vessels flowed instantly.

★ Relaxation of the fascia can effectively comb the myofascia

Let the “balloon-like” muscle fascia be stretched and get the possibility of extension, so that they will not tightly wrap the muscles and affect muscle activity, and reduce muscle friction, which is very good for joint mobility and muscle ductility. Great help.

★ Improve sympathetic excitability

Make the muscles easier to enter the working state. Imagine you are working hard for the hips or waistcoat line, but your brain is not able to effectively communicate with the gluteal muscles or abdominal muscles. How to ensure the training effect? Do you rely on the coach to do magic?

★ Avoid “too robust”

When the training of fascia massage gun is completed, the sympathetic nerves will be over-excited, causing the muscles to be too tense when they are static, which will affect the recovery and growth, or make the girl feel “too strong.” Release these extra excitement through fascia relaxation, so that the above problems can be solved and alleviated.

★♂Muscles are fuller, ♀muscle lines are more slender

After the training is completed, the muscle fibers have a good contraction experience. In order to obtain a better muscle shape, for example, boys want fuller muscles and girls want more slender muscle lines, you need to stretch to achieve the goal. Dynamic stretching before training and static stretching after training make the muscles and joints look better and safer.

★ Special reminder:

  • Note 1: Never impact the joints
  • Relaxation fascia massage guns are generally only applicable to muscles and soft tissues. Direct impact on the joints is almost the same as directly hitting the joints on a stone, which can easily cause joint damage.
  • Note 2: Not all parts are suitable for use
  • The neck, chest, abdomen, and armpits have thin muscles and are close to the organs and aorta. The use of impact guns is not recommended.
  • Note 3: Not that the longer the time, the more painful the more effective
  • Use the body to sense the soreness that should be maintained at 6-8 minutes, and use the same position for 5-10 minutes.
  • Note 4: Do not assemble or modify fascia gun products without authorization

Some users use electric hammers or percussion drill products to assemble fascia guns because of the vibration frequency and lack of protection mechanisms, which can easily cause fascia injury or muscle contusion, which can cause cardiac arrest and shock in severe cases.

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Does Women Belly massager have a weight loss effect?

Does Women Belly massager have a weight loss effect?As many people get fat, the first thing is that their belly is big. The thick fat on the belly doesn’t look good in any clothes.

At this time, these people want to reduce their belly through various weight loss methods, but the belly fat does not accumulate in a day Yes, so it is not easy to lose belly fat.

Nowadays, many people do not want to control their diet or participate in exercise, so it is even more unrealistic to restore a slim body.

At this time, some people want to use a women belly massager to achieve the effect of reducing abdominal fat. So is belly fat effective? Let’s take a closer look at it.

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the back is yang, the abdomen is yin”, the abdomen is where the five internal organs live, the source of yin and yang qi and blood.
  2. Modern medicine believes that pushing the abdomen and rubbing the abdomen can increase the blood flow of the abdominal muscles and intestinal smooth muscle, increase the tension of the gastrointestinal lining muscles and the lymphatic system function
  3. It make the secretion function of the gastrointestinal biliary and other organs active, thereby strengthening the treatment.

The digestion, absorption and excretion of food can significantly improve the peristaltic function of the large and small intestines, thereby strengthening the digestion, absorption and excretion of food, and can prevent and eliminate constipation.

Frequent pressing and rubbing of the abdomen can also effectively prevent excessive gastric acid secretion, stimulate peripheral nerves, unblock the capillaries of the abdominal wall, and reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat.

But how can we press and rub the abdomen correctly to achieve the effect of eliminating constipation?

  • Traditional Chinese medicine believes that different massage directions have different effects. Empirical massage clockwise direction, such as: yellow tongue coating, bad breath, constipation, etc.
  • At this time, massage the abdomen clockwise, follow the direction of the colon position, through the stimulation of women belly massager , increase colon peristalsis, make the stool reach the rectum, and stimulate the nerve feeling of the intestinal wall Cells are transferred to the brain to produce defecation;
  • Massage in the counterclockwise direction of deficiency syndrome, such as: light tongue coating, thin tongue coating, easy to diarrhea, pressing against the direction of the colon, playing a tonic effect and preventing diarrhea.
  • The women belly massager has the effect of reducing weight, but the abdomen massager only has the effect of reducing the abdomen, and has no obvious weight loss effect on other parts of the body.
  • This is because the abdominal massager can effectively promote the speed of intestinal peristalsis and effectively tighten the abdominal muscles, which can naturally achieve the effect of weight loss.

However, when using the abdominal massager, it is important to note that when the massager presses on the stomach, Attention should be paid to abdominal massage one hour after a meal, so as to prevent too much irritation to the intestinal tissues and affect the absorption and digestion of food.

In fact, the weight loss effect of just using the abdominal massager is not obvious, so if you want to lose weight completely, you can use other methods to completely restore your slim body.

  • The first is to control your diet, mainly eat some low-calorie foods, and arrange your diet reasonably to achieve weight loss.
  • It is necessary to lose weight through appropriate exercise. Weight loss requires a reasonable and effective method. At the same time, you cannot believe the effect of folk remedies.
  • In fact, weight loss requires a certain amount of perseverance. It needs to be improved through exercise and diet. It accumulates in a day, so it takes a process to reduce it.

Is the above effective for belly massager? The answer to this question.

Everyone should pay attention to avoid eating some high-calorie foods, such as chocolate cream, etc., and do not harm the body by eating weight loss pills. Only through healthy weight loss methods will there be no rebound phenomenon.
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For an eye massager, what are the 4 effects and 5 functions of ?

What are the 4 effects and 5 functions of an eye massager ?
If someone tells you that using an eye massager can improve naked eyesight, and even treat strabismus and amblyopia, then you can conclude that——He (she) is lying! !

The eye massager is good for relieving visual fatigue, but the degree of relief increases, and it is useless to correct vision.

Be cautious about the gimmicks in the market.
The eye massager currently on the market is mainly divided into two types: vibration type and warm compress type. Massage can speed up blood circulation around the eyes and relax the fatigue of the eye ciliary muscles.

The effect of eye massager

1. It is carefully designed according to the contours of the eyes and the distribution of different acupoints.

It has 26 finger-like massage contacts and is embedded with high-efficiency medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy neodymium iron boron to produce the best magnetic flux.

Relieve headache, red eyes, swelling and pain, blurred vision, leukoplakia, keratitis, facial nerve palsy, ophthalmoplegia, migraine, clearing the collaterals and improving eyesight, refractive errors, optic nerve atrophy, clearing wind and clearing water, nourishing water and improving eyesight.

2. Beauty freckle removal/activation of eye skin.

If you can massage more than 20 acupuncture points such as “Yuyao”, “Sizhu” and “Chengqi” on the eye, it can strengthen the metabolism of eye cells and prevent skin aging and degeneration. , Make the eye skin more vigorous and elastic.

3. Bright eyes and eyesight/relieving asthenopia, eye massage can effectively improve the microcirculation of the eye tissue

it enhances the metabolism of the eye skin cells, make the eyes bright and clear, see clearly, prevent myopia, and relieve eye fatigue. Wearing it for three to five minutes each time with your eyes closed can fully relax the eyeballs and eye muscles, reduce intraocular pressure, and quickly eliminate the symptoms of soreness, swelling, pain, dryness, photophobia and blurred vision caused by excessive eye use.

4. Inhibit neurasthenia/improve sleep.

The unique permanent magnet alloy magnet has a good sedative effect. Wear it for 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed every night to fully relax the brain nerves, massage to promote facial blood circulation, reduce brain blood pressure, and relax the brain Nerve, to achieve the effect of refreshing, refreshing and refreshing.

It is easy to enter deep sleep, eliminates insomnia caused by overuse of the brain and neurasthenia, and can shorten the time to fall asleep.

It is refined according to modern biomagnetism, traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory and traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology treatment principles, combined with modern electronic technology.

The pulse magnetic field and acupoint massage work together on important acupoints around the eyes to stimulate and exercise the optic vertebral cells and optic nerves, dredge the meridians, reconcile qi and blood, improve eye blood microcirculation, promote metabolism, relieve eye fatigue, and restore ciliary muscle elasticity , Let your eyes regain aura.

According to the human visual and physiological characteristics, the eye massager can completely relieve the tension and spasm of the ciliary muscle through relaxing exercise of the ciliary muscle, so that the adjustment function of the eye’s refractive system can be restored, and the eyesight can be quickly improved.

Mild to moderate myopia can improve vision and reduce refractive power. Some people can even take off their glasses after long-term use.

For high myopia, the increase in power can be controlled, the refractive power can be reduced, and the vision can be further restored to prevent complications.

The eye massager enhances the aerobic metabolism and antioxidant effect of the eyeball tissue through the induction principle of the biological energy field, can increase the excitability of the optic nerve cells, improve the rapid and stable vision without rebound, and can effectively prevent glaucoma, cataracts and other complications .

Through the red or yellow light flashing of the eye massager, it excites the optic nerve cells and optic nerve pathways, promotes the development of visual cells at all levels, improves vision, and has a good therapeutic effect on amblyopia and astigmatism.

What are the functions of the home eye massager

1. Power recovery

Using computer automatic control, it produces safe and scientific biodynamic force, which acts on the front end of the eye axis, which can effectively prevent the eye axis from elongated, and can gradually restore the elongated eye axis to restore the eye’s refractive power.

2. Automatic point selection

The eye exercises promoted by the Ministry of Education in 1982 in primary and secondary schools across the country have extremely good effects on myopia prevention and eye care for primary and secondary school students.

However, it is difficult for primary and middle school students to confirm the eye acupoints, which directly affects the prevention and health effects of eye exercises.

Studies have found that when myopia occurs, the diseased acupuncture points in the relevant area around the eyes will change. On the basis of a large amount of data measurement, researchers have developed an eye massager automatic point selection technology, which can accurately locate the diseased acupoints.

3. Magnetic finger massage

There is a finger-like massage contact. This contact is made of high-purity silica gel without any side effects on the skin. It is embedded with selected high-efficiency medical rare-earth permanent magnet alloy neodymium iron boron to produce the best magnetic flux.

A small motor controlled by a computer IC chip produces the required massage effect according to different speeds.

4. Frequency vibration

Massage the acupuncture points and internal and external muscles around the eyes by vibration, which helps to improve the adjustment function of the ciliary muscles, relieve the spasm of the ciliary muscles, enhance the blood circulation of the eyes, improve the neurotrophic nutrition, and can eliminate the excessive congestion of the eyeballs. Eliminate fatigue and improve vision.

5. Digital pulse

On the basis of automatic point selection, the eye massager uses unique computer digital pulses, fast or slow, or light or heavy, and act on the eye points through the eye electrode current to dredge the meridians, promote circulation and harmonize blood , Eliminate eye fatigue, thereby relieve ciliary muscle spasm, restore the shape of the lens, and achieve the purpose of acupuncture treatment.

And it is harmless to the human body, which is the internal cause of the treatment of myopia and one of the main reasons.

Eye massager is a good massage product now. After a period of continuous use, some eye fatigue problems can be effectively improved. If you are an office worker and face the computer for a long time every day, you can buy an eye massager to massage your eyes.

Wireless neck massager, is really useful?

Wireless neck massager: wonderful massager for the neck!

When working, writing articles, and writing code, I often sit for a few hours. After a long time, I will feel uncomfortable in my neck. When I have one wireless neck massager, is it effective?

For long-term desk work, maintain a posture facing the computer, especially when the height of the computer screen needs to be lowered, and the neck bears the pressure of the entire head. The neck muscles are highly tense and prone to soreness. Choosing an appropriate massager will help relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation, avoid further neck muscle strain, and reduce possible dizziness and tinnitus.

Someone who writes code for a long time at work usually uses it mostly in the office. When choosing a wireless neck massager, you must consider the following: the size of the massager should not be too large, the seat and table can not fit, and the massage sound should not be too loud, which will affect other colleagues.

It’s best to be portable. It’s too busy to work overtime. There is no special time to press. You can press the tool anytime, anywhere. It can be charged without wiring, so don’t grab a socket while pulling a long line. The appearance is fashionable, the value of the appearance is justice, and it can be worn on the body.

The cervical spine wireless neck massager is a new neck-protecting instrument, which has a certain role in relieving neck fatigue, and there is also a basis.

1. Hot compress, regardless of Chinese or Western medicine, has a certain basis. Constant temperature can promote blood microcirculation in the neck, strengthen metabolism, and relieve neck fatigue.
2. Massage is mainly based on the acupoint massage principle of Chinese medicine to massage the acupuncture points, muscles and nerves of the neck to relieve neck fatigue.

In summary, the main functions of the wireless neck massager are:
1. Relieve neck fatigue.
2. Prevent neck diseases,
3. Remind to maintain the neck protector,

Therefore, for those who sit for a long time, work at the desk for a long time, and study, the electric neck massager is a good way to protect the neck. It is economical and practical (you can buy one for 2 physical massages). The key is to own it. A cervical spine massager can be used for neck protection anytime, anywhere, regardless of geographical time, which is really convenient.