What is a Quality Massage Chair

What is a Massage Chair

Classification of quality massage chair

8D fixed position back massage chair

No SL- track or S-Track for mechanism moving, the range of the retail price: RMB2000- 4000/ unit on T-mall or JD in China domestic market, it is not really modern massage chair, (generally covered by recycled leather material, high formaldehyde, and continue to emit odor).

2D S-Track or SL -Track extra-long guide quality massage chair

2D mechanism (massage hand), S-Track, means the massage, will move from head to waist, SL-Track means massage from Head to Thighs, the massage mechanism mimic human hands, massage trajectory is based on X and Y-axis ,it is popular in the current market.

3D SL-Track quality massage chair

3D ,it is the top tech in industry, most expensive. 3D mechanism move from X and Y-axis, they also push into the body 8cm as Z-axis, so the massage is Three Dimensional movement on the body, that would bring users more amazing and impacting feelings, image a massage therapist is working.

What is the 4D massage chair?

The 3D in space are the x- and y-axes, and the z-axis.

Now, chairs have come out saying that they are 4D, it is just an idea for marketing promotion ,from our opinion, the fourth D, its just speed adjustment, at the base of 3D massage chair, if the rollers are already moving up and down, side to side, and forward, and changing the speed of the rollers moving in those various dimensions, still haven’t changed the dimension at all.
So 4D is really just a marketing term, in my opinion, and the fourth D has everything to do with speed, or rhythm, or the cadence of the rollers.
(Dr. Alan Weidner)

Efficacy of massage chair

Through full body health massage, promote blood circulation, quickly relieve fatigue, delay aging, body building, meditation, improve sleep quality, but also promote the growth of adolescents.

Integration of High-Tech technology of various applications

Infrared automatic body detection technology,
leg automatic extension technology,
Zero-wall technology,
Zero-gravity technology,
Magnetic therapy technology,
Heating physiotherapy technology,
Chinese medicine massage master hand massage technology,
Foot roller massage technology,
Acuity finger massage technology,
Human spine massage technology,…

Introduction of Massage Functions

1.Airbag massage


Air bag number, between 15-100, depend on different size of air bags, the further explanation is that the principle of better chair is not based on the number of the airbags, is based on if the airbags are surrounding on full body or not, even comfortable or not.

2.Head Massage

U-shaped pillow air bag massage, it is optional for chairs.
Airbag massage normally worked at shoulder, hip, arms, calves, feet, etc.
For different products, the configurations would be different.

3.Back massage

Imitation hand massage: Kneading, Tapping, knocking, Shiatsu, Kneading &Tapping

4. The automatic massage programs are pre-set.

The FUJIREJA brand massage chair generally has 6-23 kinds of automatic massage procedures, which are from more than 40 Chinese massage therapists, to adhere to the body’s meridians and acupoints, thus achieving certain Health, fitness and wellness .
Manual massage modes
To meet personalized massage needs, such as fixed point, interval, wider massage ,adjustment of strength or speed, even temperature, etc.

5.Foot Massage SPA

Foot rollers with foot scraping , economy model generally equipped with foot-bottom roller only, Brand new FUJIREJA ,the high-end massage chair, plus additional mid-shiatsu, heel pressure massage.

6.Heating Physiotherapy

Generally carbon fiber, few with Tomalin , graphene material, generally heating on the back, option with hips, feet. the high-end FUJIREJA massage chair, with unique digital temperature control adjustment function.

7.Bluetooth Music

External hi-fi surround stereo horn ,connected with mobile phone, mini pad or other players, through Bluetooth, optional function.

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