What are the precautions when using the foot massager?

MG 8895 scaledThe foot massager, as its name implies, is an instrument for massaging the feet of the human body. There are many kinds of foot massagers that can be described as multiplying.

So what types of foot massagers are there|? What is the function of the foot massager? What problems should I pay attention to when using the foot massager?

1. What is a foot massager

The unique design of the foot massager and the distribution of acupuncture points are completely consistent with the results of the human foot. The unique intelligent machine corresponds to the 4 large foot reflex areas and 6 plantar reflex areas for intelligent massage, stimulating the foot acupoints to dredge the meridians and blood, fully Adjust the functions of the human internal organs.

2. Product Classification

Summarizing the various foot massage devices on the market, there are roughly the following categories:

  • 1. Magnet: It is a kind of physiotherapy equipment that is mainly used to inlay impassable magnets on a flat board to form an uneven surface, thereby performing natural uneven massage and physical radiation massage on the feet of the human body.
  • 2. Bubbles: The main form of bubble massage is the widely popular footbath, which enables people to use machines to generate oxygen while taking a foot bath, and massage the soles of the feet through constantly churning bubbles.
  • 3. Mechanical: It mainly uses the continuously rotating roller to perform pure mechanical massage on the feet, which is natural and comfortable. Without any side effects.

3. Product function

  • 1. Promote blood circulation and increase metabolism, thereby improving sleep, so that the brain can get sufficient oxygen, and make you refreshed and clear-minded;
  • 2. It can prevent and improve high blood pressure, rheumatic pain, nape, and back pain;
  • 3. It can gradually improve foot problems.
  • 4. It is effective for knee inflammation, rheumatism, and joint pain.
  • 5. Relieve edema, varicose veins, and leg paralysis.
  • 6. Promote the circulation of qi and blood in the legs and prevent and treat gout.

7. Regular use can improve insomnia and strengthen the function of the digestive system.

Four, applicable people

  • 1. People who habitually lift their feet
  • 2. Crowd sitting inclined
  • 3. People with high mental pressure and fatigue

Five, use matters needing attention

  • 1. You must confirm your physical condition before using a foot massager;
  • 2. Before use, pay attention to understanding the function, strength, frequency, and other related settings of the foot massager;
  • 3. Determine the voltage requirements of the foot massager;
  • 4. It is absolutely forbidden to use wet hands to plug or unplug the power supply of the massager;
  • 5. It is absolutely forbidden to use foot massagers in high humidity environments (such as bathrooms);
  • 6. If the foot massager circuit is found to be damaged, it must be stopped immediately;
  • 7. Do not stand on the massager during use;
  • 8. Children and elderly people must be accompanied if they need to use the foot massager;
  • 9. There are electronic devices such as pacemakers in the body, which prohibit foot massagers;
  • 10. Do not use a foot massager together with tinea pedis patients;
  • 11. After the failure occurs, it should be handed over to the professional maintenance department for troubleshooting, and it cannot be disassembled without permission.

This article introduces those things about foot massagers. In fact, the foot massager has many functions. Regular foot massage can have a magical effect, not only for strengthening the body but also for curing diseases. You can try it.
(Author: Mattie from Fujireja Health Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. www.fujireja.com)

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