The best foot massager, how to choose?

The best Foot massagerThe best foot massager,how to choose? type

  • 1. Magnet: It is a kind of physiotherapy equipment that is mainly used to inlay impassable magnets on a flat board to form an uneven surface, so as to perform natural uneven massage and physical radiation massage on the feet of the human body. It is the simplest foot massage product.
  • 2. Bubbles: The main form of bubble massage is the now widely popular foot bath, which enables people to use machines to generate oxygen while taking a foot bath, and massage the soles of the feet through constantly churning bubbles.
  • 3. Mechanical: It mainly uses the continuously rotating roller to perform pure mechanical massage on the feet, which is natural and comfortable. Without any side effects. Foot massagers are mostly mechanical.

Other functions of the best foot massagers

1. Infrared physiotherapy
2. 4D wrapped massage: multiple airbags, 360-degree fit to massage the entire foot.
3. Foot warm compress: Foot warm compress function.
4. Dual-purpose for feet and legs, leg airbag + rotating disk wrap.

Type of the best foot massagers

As there are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, the foot massager also focuses on simulating real people for a variety of massages. Can be roughly divided into: pinching, rolling, scraping, topping, kneading, pushing and other foot massage techniques. More advanced ones are subdivided into forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot. The massage intensity can also be adjusted in various positions, which is suitable for people in different years.

In terms of purchase, we choose the foot massager based on the purchase reference index of each function ★★★★★.

Safe material ★★★★★

Since the massager is an electrical appliance that directly contacts the human body, its safety is particularly important. In addition to selecting products that have passed the inspection of a nationally recognized testing agency. In addition, most foot massagers are made of plastic shell, try to choose brand new ABS or PP materials.

Massage techniques★★★★★

Most massagers on the market use mechanical arms to simulate various massage methods of human hands. Common foot massage techniques include pinching, rolling, scraping, topping, kneading, and pushing. When buying, you can focus on asking the clerk or look at the massage methods supported by the massager product brochure.

Massage fineness and strength★★★★

In addition to having enough massage techniques to choose from, the fineness of the massage cannot be ignored. Because there are a lot of acupuncture points on the soles of your feet, you can get a good effect by pressing them accurately.

In addition, according to the different stress conditions of the elderly and young people, a foot massager with adjustable strength should be purchased.

Extra features★★★

To some extent, the foot massagers is an upgraded version of the foot massager. In addition to the functions of the foot massager, it also adds many unique functions such as full-angle wrapping, airbag massage, warm compress, sterilization, etc. Features. Some also extend upward to increase the function of massaging the calf.

Other ★★★

In addition to the core and sublimation functions, the clear operation and easy use can make the product feel intimacy. Since the elderly may use the foot massager more frequently, the simple and clear operation is a friendly bonus for the elderly. In addition, many products have added remote control operation and smart APP operation, which is much more convenient in use.

Conditions of use of foot massagers

The foot massager has certain requirements for the user’s physique and usage time. So, what are the requirements for the use of a foot massager? When is it not suitable to use a foot massager for massage? Below are tips for not using a foot massager.

Tips for not using foot massagers:

  • 1. Before and after meals: When choosing the time to use the foot massager, we usually ask everyone to avoid the time period of 30 minutes before meals and 60 minutes after meals. Because using a foot massager before meals will reduce the secretion of gastric juice and reduce the body’s ability to digest food; and using a foot massager within 60 minutes after a meal will reduce the blood volume in the digestive system and will also have an adverse effect on digestion of food .
  • 2. Just after bathing: it is not suitable to use a foot massager for massage just after bathing and the feet are wet or relatively moist. Because water on the feet may cause damage to the massager, the moist foot skin is more likely to cause skin damage during the massage process (especially in the case of high massage intensity and high frequency).
  • 3. Physical condition: In addition to the above two points, before using the foot massager for massage, you also need to confirm your physical condition: usually high fever, recovering from a serious illness, malignant tumor, osteoporosis and skin damage, children People with pregnant women and others need to use the foot massagers carefully or as directed by a doctor to avoid accidental injury.
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