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Is the waist massager popular among young people an artifact of waist protection or an IQ identification device?

The waist massager  or an IQ identification device?

Speaking of waist massagers, many people may think of the elderly first, but in fact, judging from the data, young office workers have become the main force of consumers of waist massagers. According to the “New Era Live Life Illustration” previously released by JD , Consumers born after 1985 accounted for more than 80%.

For office workers who are increasingly busy with work, waist fatigue is a relatively common phenomenon. Compared with massage chairs that are large in size and cost tens of thousands of dollars, waist massagers that are small in size and more friendly in price have undoubtedly become the “sweet pastry” in the eyes of many people. “.

In order to cater to the tastes of young people, major brands are also “rejuvenating”,  which is to focus on brand positioning and appearance design In line with the aesthetics of more young people; there are also Westinghouse’s forward-leaning movement and open-angle leaning design, which also meet the needs of young users such as office workers/playing party/game party for leaning massage and more parts.

Abdominal massager FJ-902D
Massage devices that have been collectively planted by celebrities and Internet celebrities and become popular all over the Internet have naturally aroused the doubts of many netizens.

How about a waist massage device with so many halos?

1. How does back pain occur?

Waist pain is mostly caused by bad living habits and sitting posture. For example, office workers work at desks for a long time, and elderly people are mostly due to aging, frequent lifting of heavy things in the early years, improper handling of lumbar sprains, and other reasons.

In principle, low back pain is due to the excessive load of the low back muscles, compensatory hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the muscles, causing muscle spasms, resulting in local ischemia and hypoxia, and the accumulation of metabolites. After the accumulation of lactic acid, it will stimulate The muscles of the lumbar spine appear pain and swelling, resulting in traumatic inflammation.

Among them, the most common lumbar disease is lumbar muscle strain. According to statistics, patients with lumbar muscle strain account for nearly 70% of patients with low back pain.

From a clinical point of view, lumbar muscle strain is more common among young and middle-aged people aged 25-35, and the number of men suffering from it is more than that of women.

This is mainly due to two reasons. First, compared with women, men work longer hours and work more intensively. The second is that women are more fond of shopping, daily walking and other activities, while men are more “lazy”. Sitting at work, taking a car when going out, going upstairs to take an elevator, and sitting for a longer period of time lead to lumbar muscle strain in men The proportion increased greatly.

2. What is the principle of the waist massager and is it useful?

To know whether the waist massager works, you must first know its principle. According to the working principle, the massagers currently on the market can be divided into physical and pulse types:

1. Physics
According to different core principles, physical waist massagers can be divided into massage head massage models (physical cushion models) and airbag massage models (physical belt models):

(1) Massage head massage type

Let’s talk about the massage head first. Its appearance is generally designed as a cushion, so it is also called a physical cushion. It is currently the most mainstream massage method. Combining massage techniques such as pushing, holding, kneading, pinching, and pressing in traditional Chinese medicine, through the operation of the physical massage head, kneading, beating, and massaging the waist acupoints, so as to achieve the effect of relaxing the waist muscles.

(2) Air bag massage

The airbag massage model is generally designed as a belt, so it is also called the physical belt model. It is a physical massage model with an innovative design.

It draws on the traditional massage concept, through the inflation and exhaust of the internal airbag, combined with the vibration massage, it can realize the massage experience of pushing the waist and traction different from the traditional massage head massage. High-end massage belts usually have multiple massage points, which can simulate the kneading and massage actions of a person’s thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

The advantage of the airbag waist massager is that it distributes the massage force, so even users with weaker waists can use it. In addition, it is very convenient to use and carry due to its light and convenient size.

However, due to the high production cost of this style, its selling price is usually high, especially the high-end style, the basic price is around 1,000 yuan, so the price may not be so “down-to-earth” compared to traditional massage head massage models . Overall, if you are looking for a massage device that is both innovative and high-end, the air bag waist massager may be the ideal choice for you.

No matter what kind of massage method is physical, it is actually massaged by simulating human hands. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine, “Push to move Qi and blood, rub to let the Qi flow, hold to relax the tendons, press to adjust the meridians, and point to manage the flow.” network, kneading and invigorating the blood.” Massage is one of the medical methods that have existed since ancient times. It is naturally effective in relaxing the waist and relieving waist pain.

2. Pulse type
The principle of the pulse type waist massager is completely different from that of the physical type. It mainly stimulates muscle contraction and spasm by controlling changes in the frequency and band of the pulse current, and relaxes the waist.

Because the human body contains many non-conductive dielectrics and conductive electrolytes, the human body has properties of both resistance and capacitance. When a pulse current is applied to the human body, the human body will produce a series of physiological and chemical reactions, and through [Nerve ——Humor] This body regulation mechanism affects the state of tissues and organs. The pulse-type waist massager achieves the effect of relieving soreness through this principle.

According to the different pulse therapy, the pulse waist massager can be divided into two pulse modes: TENS and EMS:

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) muscle electrical stimulation. Simulate brain electrical signals through electrical pulses, stimulate muscles to exercise, exercise muscles, relieve muscle spasms and relax muscles.

TENS (Transcuataneous electrical nerve stimulation) transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Through low-frequency pulse stimulation, it accelerates body recovery and relieves muscle soreness and sports injuries.

When purchasing, you can choose a style with both TENS+EMS dual pulse technology to achieve a more comprehensive effect.

Different frequency of pulse current will also bring different effects. In low-frequency current, the membrane potential of cells will change and contract during excitation. In medium-frequency current, the thick fibers of sensory nerves can be excited, and can Achieve better relief in a short period of time.

In addition, the larger and more electrode sheets, the more muscle groups can be covered, and the massage experience and effect will be better.

In general, both the physical model and the pulse model are theoretically supported and effective, and can relieve back pain. The logistics type is mainly used to discharge muscle lactic acid and other wastes, while the pulse type is used to stimulate nerves.

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The correct method of waist massage, how to press for a protruding lumbar disc?

The correct method of waist massage

how to press for a protruding lumbar disc?

Lumbar massage techniques are different for people with different diseases. For example, some people have a lumbar disc herniation. If you massage in a way to relieve fatigue, even if the patient feels comfortable, it will not help the disease. So, how to massage the waist?

Abdominal massager FJ-902D

8 steps of basic waist massage

Mingmen acupoint and Shenshu acupoint are two acupoints on the waist. When massaging the waist, press the Mingmen acupoint first, then the Shenshu acupoint. Massage each acupoint about ten times before starting the next massage. Generally speaking, after massaging these two acupoints, it is to rub the buttocks, push the waist, buttocks, and legs, push the waist, bend over and pinch the legs, and beat the waist.

Push the waist, buttocks, and legs alternately for 4 to 10 times, and if you push the waist, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on your hips, thumbs forward.

First, go from the right waist with the right palm, forward and to the left; then use the left palm to push from the left waist, backward and to the right. Push dozens of times, or go in the opposite direction. Bend over and pinch the legs and pinch the muscles in front of the thigh and calf with both hands, as low as possible, preferably to the back of the foot; repeat 5 to 10 times.

Correct waist massage techniques

Point-pressing, kneading, pushing, acupoint-pointing, and pressing-kneading are all common methods of waist massage. Different methods bring different experiences and rehabilitation effects.

In addition, it should be noted that if you are not a professional, it is best not to use acupuncture or point pressing to massage the waist so as not to cause physical discomfort.

In addition, some people divide the waist massage into kneading, rolling, pushing, pressing, pinching, knocking, grasping, and other methods. The so-called kneading is to take a sitting posture, put your hands and five fingers together, and place them on the left and right lumbar spine, respectively, with the palms facing inward, and slowly moving up and down.

Kneading until it becomes hot, and tapping is to make fists with both hands, with the palms of the fists facing outwards, and it is advisable to tap the waist so as not to cause pain lightly.

How to massage for lumbar disc herniation?

Many patients with lumbar disc herniation and cervical spondylosis think that massage can relieve their condition. Massage will make the already fragile waist and cervical spine worse.

In addition, people suffering from lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis, or hyperosteogeny are best to massage less. If you have to massage, try to choose a regular institution and find a professional doctor for massage therapy, and the intensity should not be too strong.

What are the correct techniques for waist massage, what are the 8 basic steps, and how to press for a herniated lumbar disc?

For people with this disease, it is better to do traction than to find some unprofessional people for massage. Because the risk factor of traction is lower, this method is also more commonly used, and there is more experience in treatment. In addition, traction can relieve muscle spasms, relieve the pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc, and relieve the patient’s discomfort.

The waist massage technique should be carried out according to the patient’s needs or physical conditions. If it is a herniated lumbar intervertebral disc, it is better to press randomly, and traction can be used to relieve it—treatment, not mindless massage.

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