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It turns out that regular head massage has so many benefits for the human body!

Head massage has so many benefits for the human body!

Modern medicine shows that the head is the place where the nerves are most concentrated and rich in blood vessels. Massaging the head can promote blood circulation and maintain sufficient oxygen supply to the brain, thereby refreshing the brain and relieving brain fatigue.

In addition, massaging the head can also nourish the hair, prevent hair loss and beautify the hair.

Many people will say that scratching the head will make the mind clear, ears and eyes clear and the body strong. They say that because there are many nerve endings and tissues on the scalp, regular massage and stimulation of these acupuncture points can make a big step forward for people’s health. Through nerve reflexes, the work efficiency of the cerebral cortex is improved, so that the whole body can better adapt to the external environment, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening the body and improving the mind.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that “the head is the home of the shrewdness”, and the “vital energy of the internal organs and six internal organs” all rise to the head. The scalp is the protective layer of the brain, and there are many acupuncture points. Among the twelve meridians of the human body, the three yang meridians of the hand and foot all start from the head and face, so it is also said that “the head is the meeting place of all yang”.

For example, the hand and foot Yangming meridians are distributed on the front of the head and face, the hand and foot Shaoyang meridians are distributed on the side of the head, and the Foot Taiyang meridians are distributed on the back of the head and the back of the head and neck, etc. People usually scratch their heads with their fingers. It can not only dredge Qi and blood in the brain, but also have a coordinating effect on the functions of the whole body.

In addition, there are many acupoints on the scalp, such as Shangxing, Baihui, Naohu, Qianding, Yuzhen, etc. Acupuncture on these acupoints can prevent and treat diseases. Massaging these acupoints is not as strong as acupuncture, but the massage area is larger and the movements are gentle. It can also clear the meridians and activate collaterals, and prevent neurasthenia, headache, insomnia, senile dementia, and forgetfulness. Therefore, I often scratch my head when I am fine. , especially the elderly and mental workers.

The method of massaging the scalp is simple and easy and can be used anytime, anywhere. When massaging, stretch out the five fingers of the left or right hand, and gently massage the scalp with the fingers, massage in front and back directions, then massage in left and right directions, and finally massage in circles, generally 5 ~10 minutes is enough, massage once a day in the morning and evening.

Over time, you will be able to appreciate the benefits of massaging your scalp.

Everyone should know that the human head is the most advanced part of the entire nervous system. There are many acupuncture points on the head. Regular massage on the head can clear your mind and relieve fatigue. When you are very tired, you can massage it Massaging your own head is equivalent to doing a beauty treatment for your head, so that the symptoms of fatigue will be relieved a lot.

Regular massage of the scalp can stimulate the capillaries on the scalp, make them expand and thicken, and the blood circulation is strong, supplying more nutrients and oxygen to the brain tissue.

The blood circulation of the scalp is improved, which is also beneficial to the growth and development of hair and prevents hair loss and graying. The elderly often massage the scalp, which can prolong life.

Head massage can promote the blood circulation of the scalp and promote hair growth, especially for the elderly, Massaging the head has the effect of maintaining health and prolonging life.

Regular massage of the scalp can also dredge the blood in the head so that the five internal organs and six lungs of the body have a certain helpful effect. Regular scalp massage can also prevent some diseases such as insomnia, neurasthenia, and senile dementia. It can also make your memory better, and it is also very helpful for refreshing your mind.

When you experience hair loss or serious hair loss, scalp massage also has a certain effect. Proper massage of the scalp can make people’s metabolism more normal.

Massaging the scalp for a long time can promote hair growth and improve the quality of your hair. When some people have yellow hair, split ends, etc., in addition to paying more attention to daily life and diet, proper Massaging the head also has a certain effect.

Children and the elderly can massage their heads more, which can improve their eyesight, ears, and hearing.

Head massage can prevent and treat diseases, such as forgetfulness, headache, insomnia, neurasthenia, etc. It is very good for people who work mentally. Head massage can relieve fatigue, improve work and study efficiency, and achieve the effect of intelligence development.

Dos and Don’ts of Head Massage

1. When performing head massage, control the strength and time well, and massage until the scalp feels hot.

2. When massaging the temples, do not press too hard with the thumb. The main force should be on the other four fingers, not the thumb.

3. The strength of the massage should be based on your own feeling. Use a little force until there is a slight pain, but at the same time, the feeling of soreness and softness is the most comfortable strength.

4. Before massaging, keep your face quiet, wash your hands and dry them, and wait until your hands are warm before massaging, if your hands are always in a cool state, you can rub your palms together until they are hot.

If you massage with cold hands, not only will it be uncomfortable, but you will not feel the comfort of the massage.

5. When doing massage, you must find the acupuncture points accurately, otherwise not only will the effect of massage not be achieved, but it may also bring some adverse effects. The acupuncture points seem complicated and difficult to find. In fact, as long as you move and press on the approximate position, you can feel soreness, swelling, and pain, that is the location of the acupuncture point.

6. One thing to pay special attention to is that if you are a pain-sensitive person, it is best not to do a massage. Because acupressure massage will put the muscles in a tense state, making it easier to feel pain. Therefore, not only can’t experience the comfort of massage, but only feel the discomfort of pain.

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