L-Track Massage Sofa

Is the L-Track Massage Sofa a combination of a functional sofa and massage chair?

In recent years, I found that all walks of life are talking about “resource integration”. Brands need to integrate resources in telemarketing, offline, and with major customers, and the decoration industry needs to integrate resources from upper, middle, and lower material, construction and soft decoration, and even products. They are beginning to integrate more functions to replace more traditional products.

The integration I think is not a simple combination of 1+1=2, but a familiar new species created by combining the troubles and needs in real life.

So what sparks will massage chairs and functional sofas create? This evaluation is from the FUJIREJA L-Track massage sofa, which integrates the massage function into the functional sofa. It can also be said that the massage chair has become the appearance of a functional sofa.

This L-Track massage sofa is a new thing, at least it’s the first time I’ve seen it. I just took this opportunity to share with you the actual experience of it. Maybe it happens to be the dish of my classmates?

From a distance, the overall shape of FUJIREJA’s massage chair sofa is more like a traditional functional sofa. The familiar backrest, armrests, and leg rests are not unfamiliar at all when I see it for the first time.

Lift the headrest, and you can see the 3D massage manipulator with the same configuration as the massage chair. The surface is made of technical cloth fabric, which is stain-resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. The overall size is very small, the area of ​​two basic floor tiles (800*800) is enough, and the traditional massage chair needs at least four.

In addition, the two wings of the headrest are equipped with Bluetooth speakers, and the hidden sound cover design without openings is much more pleasing to the eye than the ordinary honeycomb sound cover. Two 5W speakers are connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, you can experience the double wonderful enjoyment of the body + ears.

In order to enhance the complete support of the waist, FUJIREJA additionally comes standard with a pillow that can be flexibly placed. Relying on this method to solve the lumbar discomfort of traditional massage chairs, although there is no technical content, the sitting experience is indeed effective. The armrests are wide enough that your hands can rest on them. The folded design can also easily shrink the entrance door, a little Sweet~

When I sat down, I found that the hips of this massage chair sofa are very comfortable, there is no feeling that the center is overhead, and the sitting experience is more like a traditional sofa.

The official FUJIREJA was informed that in order to solve the collapse of the super-long guide rail in the seat, this product has added a seat bearing structure to the seat, which improves the riding comfort and solves the toilet-like collapse of the long guide rail.

After all, FUJIREJA massage sofa is a complete massage chair that supports zero gravity mode, so its leg part can be lifted up by motor. Press the coverage of the legs hard, and you can also find the massage manipulators that are also configured inside. It seems that the massage experience of the legs should not be bad.

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