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Is the function of the massage sofa reduced?

The manufacturing cost and process of massage chairs are far more complicated than massage sofas because massage chairs have more internal computer boards, remote control controls, etc. than functional sofas.

Therefore, whether this FUJIREJA massage sofa is worthy of the name actually depends on whether its massage performance has shrunk in terms of core configuration compared to traditional massage chairs.

The 3D massage manipulator is first exposed when the headrest is lifted, and the 120cm SL-type guide rail provides it with a massage area from the head to the base of the thigh. Because it is necessary to ensure the solid feeling of sitting on the functional sofa and to take care of the complete transmission of the massage effect, it is necessary to have a specially designed cushion for the buttocks.

The most attractive part of the massage chair is the zero-gravity mode. In this mode, the height of the heart is lower than the legs and head, and the reduced blood flow pressure indirectly reduces the workload of the heart. will feel extremely relaxed.

FUJIREJA massage function sofa also supports zero-gravity mode, and the entire dynamic action is very stable, which is no different from the experience of traditional massage chairs. The performance of the maximum 127-degree pitch angle is even better than that of some traditional massage chairs.

▼Zero gravity mode returns to massage sofa mode

Because FUJIREJA is a very traditional brand, many of its massage logics are completely different from domestic brands. When performing shoulder and neck massage, the 3D manipulator will press down hard between the neck and shoulders, and reciprocate in 3 ways.

To be honest, the first feeling was a bit strong, not very adaptable. But after three or five minutes of adaptation, you will find that its shoulder and neck massage is more targeted to the muscles on the upper shoulders, which are also the most prone to fatigue.

Immediately after the waist massage, because the 120cm SL ultra-long guide rail is configured inside, the 3D manipulator can massage all the way to the root of the thigh. When the 3D manipulator swims to the waist, it will swing laterally to relax the muscles near the spine.

The wide armrest allows the forearm to rest on it freely, but it also sacrifices the airbag massage of the arm, which is a pity.

▼Swing waist massage

Next is the part of the leg massage. Compared with the traditional massage chair, the greater attribute of the massage sofa lies in the functional sofa, so there is no configuration for foot massage. Not having a foot massage is the second regret, but it also brings another way of leg massage to FUJIREJA.

During the leg massage, the leg support will vibrate at a high frequency. Under the fine vibration, the legs will have a numbness similar to being electrocuted. This kind of leg massage experience is not available in traditional massage chairs, and it feels very special.

At the same time as the high-frequency vibration, the manipulator inside will also knead and beat to continue to strengthen the relaxation of the leg muscles. After the experience, I personally feel that FUJIREJA’s leg massage is more comfortable.

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