Hot and cold eye massager L10

Hot and cold eye massager L10

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Hot and cold eye massager L10

Product name: Hot & cold eye massager L10


1. The product has a music pause function, allowing you to move freely
2. Apply the Peltier effect of semiconductor thermoelectric materials.
Heating and cooling to achieve hot and cold compresses
3. Three temperature mode adjustments
4. High-fidelity stereo output
5. Built-in music and Bluetooth music can be selected as you like
6. Three working modes, three levels of massage

Product specifications

1. Rated voltage: 3.7V
2. Rated power: 5.3W
3. Default working time: 10 minutes
4. Product weight: about 258g
5. Battery capacity: 1650 mAh
6. Product size: 195*60*55mm