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Do you know what the intelligent technology of zero gravity massage chairs is?

For the health of the body, many people will use their spare time to massage chair physical stores to receive massage and relax their tired body. its health function of the home massage chair because of is more practical, and the price is accepted by the public, by many people of different ages. In order to stay at home can enjoy the comfort of the zero gravity massage chair, choose a good quality home massage chair for home has become the choice of many people.

With the development of science and technology, the massage chair industry has been developed. The new technology of home massage chairs has greatly improved the defects and shortcomings of traditional massage chairs and brought people a better feeling. Now, by the FUJIREJA massage chair physical store small makeup with everyone to enjoy the massage chair massage technology!

1. Space Curved Track Technology: The guide rail is the main body of the massage chair, and is the pillar and skeleton of the massage chair. And space curved track is the latest generation of guide rail technology, divided into double L and SL guide 2 kinds. The new guide rail technology has a long massage stroke, to avoid the traditional massage chair that can only massage the back of the limitations, you can achieve the human body from the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and hips to the thigh of the body massage.

2. Thai Stretch Technique: The combination of traditional massage and technology. Use the leg machine to stretch the human body, shoulder fixation, etc., to maximize the arc stretching of the muscles and bones, to help us stretch the bones and muscles, and promote blood circulation to clear the veins.

3. Plantar Wheel Technology: The plantar wheel of the zero gravity massage chair is used to massage the soles of the feet by interlacing with the bump and the airbag, which accelerates the blood flow of the foot and helps to enhance the metabolism of the human body.

4, zero gravity technology: simulate the state of zero gravity space, according to human body engineering, so that the airbag all-round wrapped the body, and through the contraction, release air bag to produce air pressure, so as to massage the body. Due to the state of zero gravity massage chair, the body can be more relaxed and enjoy the process of massage.

I believe that we are clear about the technology of home zero gravity massage chairs now, which can help you buy excellent home massage chairs.

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