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Do you know the trend in China massage chair industry?

China massage chair industry faces three challenges:

1. Industry competition has intensified. Large home appliance brands and home furnishing brands have entered the massage chair industry. They have sound channels, a large number of outlets, and a high reputation in the minds of consumers. They are mainly other traditional home appliances and household products, and massage chairs are used as gifts or profits. Very low, affecting consumer purchasing demand, will seize a part of the market share.

2. Low-end products are flooded with online sales. With the popularity of mobile Internet access and the promotion of low-cost platforms such as Pinduoduo, Jingxi, Tetao, etc., small massage chair production workshops focus on online sales, and the cost will drop again and again. , Many accessories are changed from plastic to plywood or even thick cardboard. The price is ridiculously low. Consumers don’t know, so they think that they have found cheap money. Bad money drives out good money.

3. The number of china massage chair dealers has gradually decreased. With the decrease in profits, sales have not increased significantly. The epidemic has affected the decrease in the passenger flow of physical stores. Many local dealers have closed their doors and withdrawn their cabinets and switched to other products.

The promotion of online dealer platform expenses has increased, from Tmall, to Xiaohongshu, Vipshop, etc., business is getting more and more difficult, and some people have closed stores. Taken together, the number of massage chair dealers is decreasing year by year, both online and offline.

Opportunities and challenges coexist, and China massage chair industry also has new opportunities:

1. Become the king of the segmented field. For example, the Bei Krypton office massage chair and the FUJIREJA massage sofa exceeded 1 million on the day of Xiaomi Youpin’s crowdfunding. Despite the high price of 7,000 to 8,000 yuan, the Oson e-sports massage chair was very popular among game enthusiasts as soon as it went on the market.

2. Seize the live broadcast e-commerce outlet. Douyin, Kuaishou, etc. continue to increase their promotion efforts, transforming from entertainment to business, many Internet celebrities quickly become famous, and the amount of goods brought in is huge, and third-party services for logistics, installation, and maintenance are becoming more and more perfect. Many people choose to buy massages on short video websites chair.

Many small factories have gradually shifted from pure OEM to the private brand live broadcast, which is much lower than the investment cost and easy to operate.

3. The organic combination of sharing and home use. Shared massage chairs have played a big role in promoting the popularity of the industry. You can make full use of the scan code massage crowd for precise marketing, brand promotion, and product sales.

On the whole, the increase in the cost of massage chair products and the decline in gross profit margin is the development trends of the industry. The competition of high-end massage chair brands focuses on brand building and marketing. Spending a lot of money on advertisements and inviting celebrity endorsements is already a routine operation. Relying on marketing to drive brand building, the proportion of cost of sales has increased year by year.

The competition for massage chairs is getting bigger and bigger, and it is getting harder and harder to attract investment. Technology is developing faster and faster, and consumers have more and more choices.

For enterprises, it takes real hard work to occupy a certain market share.

At the same time, I also hope that colleagues in the industry can unite and make high-quality products to serve consumers.

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