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Can massage chairs improve sleep?

Massage chairs improve sleep

Nowadays, people’s life pace is relatively fast. Under the dual pressure of work pressure and life pressure, people feel exhausted when they return home. The sub-health state affects people’s health and has a great impact on their lives.

Sit on the massage chair and enjoy the massage, play your favorite music, relieve the fatigue on the body, and relax the body and mind. Can the quality of sleep be improved after using the massage chair? Let us reveal the answer!

When designing the product, full consideration was given to physical discomforts such as cervical and lumbar soreness caused by modern people’s tense lifestyle and high work pressure, and the designed massage chair is ergonomic.

The simulated 3D massage manipulator is used to quickly relieve human body fatigue and restore physical fitness, improve lumbar and cervical pain and other discomforts, and is very helpful for people who often suffer from insomnia and poor sleep quality, effectively improving sleep, and thereby ensuring physical health. Work with peace of mind and live happily.

1. Various massage techniques

The massage chair uses 3D three-dimensional airbags. The airbags are distributed as “shoulder airbags”, “arm airbags”, “leg airbags” and “foot airbags”. It has an independent head airbag for massage. The manipulator is made of silicone synthetic material, which is softer and closer to the feel of human hand massage.

The flexible 3D massage movement technology includes six massage techniques: kneading, tapping, acupressure, rolling, kneading, and massaging. The air bag’s cushioning force can effectively improve the shoulders, waist, seat, arms, and legs. Perform delicate and gentle air pressure massage on the head, feet, and other parts to feel the massage experience like human hands, thereby promoting blood circulation; use precise acupoint massage all over the body to regulate neurohormones in various physiological activities.

It can help the body eliminate toxins, relieve physical and mental stress, and relax muscles throughout the body, thereby relieving anxiety and depression and effectively improving sleep.

2. Zero-gravity space capsule

According to the principle of NASA’s space capsule, when the elevation angle between the body and the legs is 122±7 degrees, the legs should be slightly higher than the heart, so that the human body function can be maintained at its best and can effectively reduce the stress on the heart. Compression, reducing the burden on the spine while massaging, can effectively promote blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification, and promote the body’s metabolism. In this state, the human body is in a completely relaxed state, which can effectively improve insomnia symptoms and improve the quality of sleep. Effectively relieve lumbar muscle soreness, eliminate fatigue, achieve a better massage experience, and relieve physical and mental stress.

The massage chair is equipped with an ergonomic zero-gravity space capsule, which can simulate the zero-gravity state of a person in a space environment, allowing people to massage in a natural and comfortable state. Combined with the heat therapy function of the soles of the feet, it can form a unique warm moxibustion Thermal therapy system can improve the health care effect and regulate sleep.

3D Intelligent Massage Chair

3. Foot massage

There are many acupuncture points related to sleep in the human body, especially the feet and head. However, pressure on the head will increase intracranial pressure. The human brain is relatively fragile. To avoid adverse effects, there are generally fewer massage chairs for massaging the head. Therefore, the feet are particularly important.

According to the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there is Taixi point on the foot: it mainly treats headaches, irregular menstruation, insomnia, and forgetfulness; Zhaohai point: mainly treats dry throat, insomnia, red and swollen eyes; there are also some acupoints on the soles of the feet that can also affect sleep.

On the basis of full-body massage, the massage chair also adds a roller-scraping massage for the feet. There are three rows of rollers on the soles of the massage chair. It uses the latest Thai scraping function to fully cover the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Massage, There are independent acupressure points on the toes, one-way acupressure, and deep massage.

Because there are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, they are also called the “second heart”. Therefore, stimulating the acupoints on the soles of the feet is very effective in improving insomnia.

Having a good sleep is what each of us dreams of, and a massage chair can help you make your dream come true. Therefore, a massage chair can improve your sleep.

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