the tips for leg massage

What are the tips for leg massage?

What are the parts of leg massage?


Massage on both sides of the knee Fat rarely accumulates around the knee, because it is the joint where the tibia and femur connect, called the patella. This part is prone to edema or relaxation, which makes the legs thicker. For specific improvement, massage around the knees can improve the loose skin around the knees. However, the frequency of massage must be frequent, otherwise, it will not be able to improve the curve

What are the tips for leg massage

Tighten the thigh line The subcutaneous fat on the inner thigh is easy to accumulate and relax. The way to massage the thigh is to take a sitting position (sitting posture), leave all the legs off the ground, use the buttocks to support the body balance, press the middle of the thigh above the knee with both hands and lightly Massage lightly, which can eliminate leg edema. Make the muscles more elastic and make the legs more slender.


To improve the microcirculation of the calf and reduce the size of the leg, the first step is to loosen the firm calf meat. The palms of both hands are close to the legs, the four fingers are close together, the thumbs press the leg muscles firmly, and rotate upwards from the lymph nodes of the heels at a medium speed, 2-3 minutes for each leg.leg massager

There is also a method of action before bed: raise your legs before bed, and lean against the wall at a 90-degree right angle. Beginners maintain this position for about 2-3 minutes and slowly increase to 5-10 minutes. In the later stage, you can persist for 20-30 minutes before putting it down, which will help blood circulation in the legs and reduce leg edema.

The benefits of leaning your legs up against the wall:

1. Regulate the overall blood circulation;

2. Reduce headaches and insomnia;

3. Eliminate fatigue or cramps in your feet;

4. Prevent varicose veins;

5. Regulate the stomach and improve the digestive system; Relax;

6. Beautify the leg lines.




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