zero gravity massage chair

With zero gravity , how do you feel when you enjoy the massage chair?

Zero gravity, how do you feel when you enjoy it?

Table of Contents

  • Definition of zero gravity
  • Price and configuration
  • Effect and feel
  • Features

Definition of zero gravity

The zero gravity of the massage chair is designed by combining the principle of zero gravity and air pressure massage technology.

It is mainly based on the characteristics of the human body’s physiological structure, dispersing the human body’s force points and relieving various pressures on the body, reducing the human body’s gravitational gravity massage chair sofa full body massage

The pressure beam of the massage chair dramatically reduces the weight of the body on each force point. With the soft and comfortable design of the massage chair, the body can reduce the pressure on the spine and joints to prevent the body from loosening naturally.

At the same time, you can also experience the feeling of floating. !

Price and configuration

Zero gravity can be said to be a very basic function of massage chairs, but some irresponsible manufacturers have omitted this basic function.

Whether the price of a zero-gravity massage chair will be high, this question needs to be selected according to your own needs and budget. After all, massage chairs, as a kind of enjoyment product, will lead to entry-level and high-end according to massage techniques, guide rails, movement, and other factors.

The experience of the product is different, and the massage chair is also a large product, so when buying a massage chair, try to choose the brand as the main brand. The big brand is more trustworthy in terms of quality, technical strength, as well as word of mouth and after-sales.

Effect and feel

The zero gravity massage chair is to adjust the sitting posture of the person sitting on the massage chair, so that the contact area between the body and the massage chair is sufficient, disperses and relieves the pressure on the body, reduces the pressure on the human body from the gravitational restraint, and make the body feel light and airy as if floating.

Massage in this state can not only make the body feel very relaxed but also effectively eliminate physical fatigue, allowing you to quickly recover and complete tasks better.

Enjoy the texture of life and enjoy the luxury. When I come home after a long day, my shoulders and neck are stiff. At this time, accompanied by soothing music, massage while shaking, and the mood is relaxed all of a sudden.

Life is also closely associated. When you encounter troublesome things, you can stop for a while, and then take a lazy day for a healthy life. When the body regains energy, continue to work on the problem seriously.

Today’s massage chairs have various functions. Among them, the zero-gravity mode of the massage chair has attracted the attention and interest of many people. It is said that the heart is lower than the legs, which brings a comfortable state.

In fact, zero gravity can be said to be weightless. It means that the backrest is lowered, and then the legs are raised. The backrest, seat cushion, and legs are all in the most comfortable position for a human body to lie down.


Features of Zero Gravity: In a zero-gravity reclining state, the heart is lower than the legs. Massage in this state, the whole person is in a state of relaxation.

When lying on the zero-gravity massage chair and turning on the zero-gravity mode, close your eyes and imagine yourself traveling in space. At this moment, I don’t want to worry too much, I really feel very comfortable.

During the massage, it can promote blood return and increase blood supply to the heart and brain.

Lying down can relax the long-term compression of the spine, relax the back muscles, and reduce the compression of the spine and intervertebral discs; at the same time, it can also relieve the symptoms of varicose veins and joint pain in the lower extremities.

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