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5 reasons to use a massage gun at home, do you know them?

Massage gun

Table of Contents
1. Massage guns can help with post-workout recovery
2. Massage guns can help reduce DOMS
3. Massage guns can improve mobility
4. Massage guns can effectively reduce inflammation
5. Massage Guns Can Help Promote Blood Flow
6. Summary

If you experience aches and pains frequently, especially if they are self-induced by strenuous exercise, there is nothing better than seeking the services of a health professional. But, with time and money just as tight these days, the best massage guns are also worth a look.

1. Massage guns can help with post-workout recovery

Top personal trainer and ambassador for Snap Fitness and core balance, recommends massage guns to speed recovery. “In the long run, regular use of a massage gun can give better results and help muscles recover faster,” she said.

The University of Winchester study reviewed 39 different studies and concluded: “Hand-held percussion massage devices are the most effective way to increase lower extremity range of motion compared to foam rollers and other self-myofascial therapies.” This is the most effective form of post-workout self-massage to get you back to the gym faster.

2. Massage guns can help reduce DOMS

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be a frequent reminder of how much you’ve exercised. DOMS can be experienced for up to 72 hours after a workout, especially if the workout is particularly intense.

If you can’t get help from a physical therapist, a massage gun can be an excellent solution to relieve pain and soreness. This, in turn, improves your performance in the gym, as your workout routine isn’t often stopped by persistent pain.

3. Massage guns can improve mobility

While using a massage gun on bones and harder joint areas isn’t great, it can help improve overall flexibility if you focus on the right muscles. Osteoarthritis research has found massage to be beneficial in improving your range of motion, which is related to tight muscles, not bone health.

Relaxed, warm muscles allow you to move freely, reducing the risk of injury. Of course, it’s important to make sure you’re doing some stretching regularly alongside your massage to take advantage of this new-found flexibility. A good stretch not only reduces the risk of injury but also improves blood flow and muscle health.

4. Massage guns can effectively reduce inflammation

When our muscles are sore, they become inflamed due to micro-tears in the muscle tissue caused by exercise. Don’t worry: it’s perfectly normal. Massage works for DOMS because it reduces this inflammation, not because it removes lactic acid from the muscles or anything else.

The McMaster University study found that “while massage is widely accepted as a therapy to relieve muscle tension and pain, researchers have delved into it and found that it also triggers chemical sensors that can send signals to muscle cells to reduce inflammation.”

However, this goes deeper than DOMS. Massage may be able to reduce or slow life-shortening chronic inflammation caused by age, poor diet, and other lifestyle factors, so regular use of a massage gun can prolong your life.

5. Massage Guns Can Help Promote Blood Flow

The “bump” effect of the massage gun can help blood flow, which can help speed up muscle recovery. One study found that the benefits of vibration massage included skin blood flow and the production of nitric oxide, which is essential for circulation.


These great gadgets provide a percussive massage when you need it, and if you have access to a massage therapist or physical therapist, they’re a great way to complement your treatment. Buying yourself a percussion massage gun certainly doesn’t replace the skills of a trained professional, but if you’re looking for relief after a workout, or just want to address everyday pain, they’re a handy item at home or at your gym in the bag.

Using a percussion massage gun is also simple. Depending on the model, you should opt for interchangeable accessories. These heads can be used to treat different areas that work in tandem with different speed or intensity settings of the motors in the gun to provide massage therapy.

It’s crucial to follow any instructions that come with the massage gun: you should also use shorter, not longer massages. The support manual or app that comes with the gun will provide guidance on this, and it’s also important to focus on massaging muscle tissue, not bones, joints, tendons, or nerves.

“An effective way to relax muscles and any pain is to massage the affected area,” explains Stevens. “What makes a massage gun different than a massage gun is a speed and depth that the device is capable of.

“Using the device increases blood flow to the treated area, which can help you improve flexibility, range of motion, and faster recovery time after a workout. Some of the lesser-known benefits of [improving blood circulation] include stress relief, general tension, and better sleep.”

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