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Is an eye massager worth buying?

Eye massager is worth buying

After personal experience, I summarized these 8 purchasing points

Creative statement: The author has been using the eye massager for more than half a year and has summarized some purchasing strategies. The article uses the eye massager as an example for testing this brand. It is a recently released new product. After real experience, I will express my feelings objectively and impartially to everyone. Share, welcome the exchange and collision of rational opinions.

NO.1 My real experience

The author used to rely on his eyesight of 1.5 since childhood and never took much care and protection of his eyes. Until last year, for a period of time, his eyes would become dry and itchy from time to time, and he would occasionally cry silently while looking at his mobile phone after turning off the lights at night. At first I thought it was irritation from the cleansing oil when washing, but after I stopped using it, I didn’t see much improvement. Later, when I used an instrument to check my eyes during a physical examination, I found out that I had overused my eyes. I was a little panicked at that time, and I went to an authoritative hospital. Eye hospital confirmed.

Fortunately, there are no major physical problems. It is just caused by spending too much time on computers and mobile phones, long-term screen radiation and little maintenance.

Of course, the maintenance here does not refer to cosmetics such as eye cream, but actions such as hot compresses with eyes closed and eye massage. At that time, the doctor prescribed sodium hyaluronate eye drops, a kind of artificial tear. A few drops can relieve dry and uncomfortable eyes. It does not have any anti-inflammatory or other active ingredients, and it does not matter if it is used for a long time.

However, eye drops can only relieve the immediate discomfort, and long-term care must be taken attentively.

On the way home from the hospital, the author muttered that life had finally dealt with my little kitten, and placed an order for various eye protection equipment. At that time, I also set two alarm clocks to remind me, thinking about doing eye exercises in the morning and afternoon every day, but I often forget about it when I am busy with work.

Among the things the author has used, anti-blue light glasses are mainly used to reduce screen radiation.

The steam eye mask is small, light and relatively portable. The author occasionally uses it to apply heat to the eyes during work breaks to relieve fatigue.

The eye massager is based on the steam eye mask, which increases the intensity of eye protection and truly provides hot compress and massage to the eyes at the same time. After adding the massage function, the blood and lymph circulation around the eyes will be accelerated, and the eyes will be more completely relaxed.

I have been maintaining these for a period of time, and finally there is no exclamation mark in the eye column in this year’s physical examination report.

So you have to ask the author whether the eye massager is worth buying? My answer is that it is not worth buying if you are treating myopia or eye disease. If you, like the author, are overly tired from long-term use of your eyes and want to use them to maintain and soothe your eyes, it is well worth a try. It actually replaces manual eye exercises and is a bit of a lazy person’s tool.

The author of this article takes the eye massager he is currently using as an example to share some purchasing points summarized during use. You can compare the indicators for reference when purchasing later. They are all pure dry goods. It is recommended to collect them~

NO.2 I summarized the key points for purchasing an eye massager

Before purchasing, let’s first have a general understanding of the working principle of the eye massager. In the author’s opinion, it promotes blood and lymph circulation around the eyes and improves the nutritional structure of local tissues through hot compress + massage. After clarifying this point, we focus on its hot compress effect and massage method, and then look at the material that fits the inside of the eyes, size and appearance, smart mode, charging life, etc.

1. Massage method:

There are generally two massage methods for eye protection devices, air bag massage and micro-frequency vibration massage. Airbag massage is somewhat similar to our manual eye exercises. When purchasing, you can check the number and shape of the airbags. The more and more three-dimensional the airbags, the more accurately they can cover the 8 important acupuncture points around the eyes.

2. Hot compress function:

Continuous constant temperature hot compress is the best way to relieve fatigue. The optimal temperature is around 42°C.

3. Lining material:

breathable, skin-friendly, and easy to clean are the most important. Judging from the existing materials on the market, protein leather > PU leather > flannel, skin-friendly protein leather is the best.

4. Appearance design:

On the premise of complete functions, choose one that is small in size and can be folded 180 degrees. It is portable when going out. Of course, the overall appearance is even better!

5. Smart mode:

Different massage modes can match different usage scenarios. For example, the eye protection device the author is using has four smart modes to choose from, which can meet different needs at any time.

6. Charging life:

Generally, eye protection devices are set with a fixed use time of 15 minutes. It can be used for about a week after one charge.

7. Extended function:

Listen to music while doing massage, and 15 minutes will pass quickly. Nowadays, many eye protection devices have built-in music playback function. The sound source is emitted from the eyes, which brings a stronger sound quality experience. However, this function is not strictly necessary. If it is available, it will be a plus. If it is not available, mobile phone playback will be fine.

8. Cost-effectiveness:

A moderate price is a reasonable price if it meets the above 7 criteria!

NO.3 Eye Massager

The massage eye protection device has two massage methods, three-dimensional air bag massage and micro-frequency vibration massage. The internal three-dimensional air bag design can not only cover all 8 acupuncture points of the eyes, but also operates more like a human hand pressing the eyes alternately, with just the right amount of force. Paired with smart constant-temperature far-infrared hot compress, you can deeply relieve fatigue~

There are four smart modes that can be switched during use, namely relaxation mode, eye protection mode, eye beauty mode and sleep mode. In different modes, the three functions of air pressure, hot compress, and vibration are combined with each other to perfectly meet the different needs of the author in different situations.

For example, when the eyes are extremely tired, the author will choose the relaxing mode with all functions enabled, the eye protection mode for mild fatigue at work, the eye beauty mode for relaxing in the afternoon, and the sleep mode for relaxation before bed. The specific function combination display will be explained in detail later, so be patient and read below~

The lining material that is close to the eyes is made of the highest quality skin-friendly protein leather. This material is not as difficult to clean and care for as flannel, but it is also softer and more breathable than PU leather.

Zoom in to see the details. It is not afraid of oil and makeup. It is also stretch-resistant and scratch-resistant. It will not crack after being used for a long time.

The whole machine is very compact in size and light in weight, and can be picked up with one hand. The just-right C-shaped curvature not only fits the eye contour better when worn, but can also be folded and stored at 180 degrees. After folding, it is about the same size as the author’s XMAX and can be stuffed into the supplied black velvet bag. It can be carried with you on business trips and travels.

From the bottom, you can see the curvature of the instrument and face more clearly, and the massage will be more fitting. The elastic band at the back is very elastic and is not tight at all when worn.

It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge the lithium battery, and the phone cannot be turned on while charging. Judging from the frequency of use by the author at least once a day, it can last for 7-8 days after being fully charged, and the battery life is still good.

In addition to the above-mentioned necessary functions, it also extends a Bluetooth function. It will turn on automatically after powering on. After connecting to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, the voice will announce “Bluetooth is connected” and the indicator light will always be on. In this way, you can synchronize the playlist on your mobile phone when using it for massage, and listen to music while relaxing ~ 15 minutes passed quickly while listening to your favorite songs, and it was not boring at all.

NO.4 Detailed demonstration of four massage functions

All massage functions currently in use can be seen at a glance on this small display. The big key on the left is the power on/off key and the mode switching key. All functions can be controlled with one click, making it simple and easy to use.

Comfort mode

Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the phone. After turning on the phone, the comfort mode is turned on by default. You will see the function lights of air pressure + hot compress + vibration light up. This is the mode with the most complete functions and is suitable for severely tired eyes. In this mode, the first two strokes of the air bag are to massage the eyes, and the third stroke is to press the temples, tightening for a while and then loosening. With vibration and constant temperature heat, it is especially comfortable!

Eye protection mode

Press it again to switch to the eye protection mode. The air pressure + vibration indicator lights up. After staring at the screen for a long time, you can choose this mode to relax. This is also the mode that the author uses the most.

Beautiful eyes mode

Then there is the eye beauty mode with the air pressure + hot compress indicator light on. On a leisurely weekend afternoon, if you turn on this mode while listening to music, your eyes will be clear and alert after 15 minutes.

Sleep mode

Finally, there is the sleep mode. In this mode, only the warm compress function is turned on, soothing the eyes and stress-free, and fully relaxing the brain nerves, allowing you to fall asleep better.


NO.5 Summary of my experience

If I could sum up this eye massager in one sentence, it would be cute and cute in appearance and simple and practical in function.

First of all, the machine and the eyes fit very closely when worn. Because of this, when the three-dimensional air bag massage is activated, the eight most important acupoints on the eyes can be effectively massaged, and the effect is more soothing and relaxing than kneading by yourself.

Sometimes the author’s vision becomes blurry after staring at the screen for a long time, so he turns on his most commonly used eye protection mode, which activates three-dimensional airbag massage + micro-frequency vibration massage at the same time. When he opens his eyes again, they are clear and bright again. Absolutely a must-have for lazy people. Of course, diligent friends can also choose to do manual eye exercises to relax~

Another more convenient thing is that it is small in size, very light to put on the head, and has a foldable and stowable design.

You can take it with you wherever you go to protect your eyes at any time. The battery life is not bad, you can massage and listen to music at the same time, and it looks very cute.

It’s a good choice to give to girls as a Chinese Valentine’s Day gift~

Written by: Linda from FUJIREJA Massage Chair Group
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