High-performance massage chair

How to choose a high-performance massage chair with a good effect on leg and foot massage?

High-performance massage chair

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High-performance massage chair with a good effect on leg and foot massage
The method and effect of the foot massage of the FUJIREJA massage chair

High-performance massage chair with a good effect on leg and foot massage

Nowadays, many massage chairs can press the upper body comfortably, but the massage on the feet is not always very powerful. Therefore, if you want to buy a massage chair with a good effect on leg and foot massage, you may wish to consider the following three points when choosing

【1】The airbag will rub, making it more comfortable to press the legs👈

At present, it is said that massage chairs that can massage the whole body will have airbags on the legs, and the leg muscles can be relaxed by pressing the airbags. However, this kind of massage seems to be superficial for people who often stand or have more leg muscle activities. If you choose the airbag with a rubbing function, you can better massage and soothe the leg muscles, achieving the same effect as manual massage of the calf. FUJIREJA’s calf rubbing technology has a number of patent certifications. Many massage chairs have this function, and there are many forms. There are airbag moving rubbing and internal rolling rubbing. The massage is sour and refreshing.

【2】👉If the soles of your feet need to be strong, it depends on the number of rollers

Many people buy massage chairs that seem to have complete legs, but the soles of the feet always feel itchy when pressed, which is because of the number of rollers on the soles of the feet. [doge] From the appearance, if the sole of the foot is like a flat plate without much thickness, such a massage chair does not have built-in rollers, and only presses the raised plate with the foot. Massage chairs with roller devices will also be divided into single-row rollers, double-row rollers, and three-row rollers.

Three rows of rollers are the best choice if you want to strengthen the soles of your feet. According to the scientific partition design of foot massage, the three rows of rollers will perform different forms of massage corresponding to the soles of your feet. The foot massage of FUJIREJA’s high-end massage chair is a Thai-style scraping massage with rolling and kneading on the soles of the feet, rolling and scraping on the soles of the feet, and strong acupressure on the heels. Of course, even with the same three rows of rollers, different rollers and operating methods will produce different foot feelings, so if you want strong soles, you can experience this extraordinary comfort for yourself.

[3] The foot feel must be in place, and there must be live rollers👈

If you have higher requirements for foot massage, you should consider a live roller with built-in movable balls. This kind of roller massage is more flexible and in place, and the skill is comparable to that of experienced pedicures. The feet feel soft and powerful, and the massage is more fitting and in place.

Such a precise roller device has higher requirements for the manufacturing process of the massage chair. Relatively speaking, there are very few such massage chairs. FUJIREJA’s high-end massage chairs have such foot massage settings. Once you experience it, you will know what is top-level—massage chair is.

The above three points can basically judge whether the foot massage is comfortable. It is said that the foot is “the second largest heart of the human body”. The massage chair at home can press the feet comfortably every day. Such a massage chair is more worth having.

The method and effect of the foot massage of the FUJIREJA high-performance massage chair

As a high-end brand in the industry, FUJIREJA continues to expand into the field of smart home and health and medical equipment through technological innovation and functional development and uses big data and cloud technology to improve the technical level of products and provide users with personalized customized services. A solid choice in the world of massage chairs. So what is the method and effect of the foot massage of the FUJIREJA high-performance massage chair?

1) Foot airbag and heating: wrap the foot with the airbag, squeeze the foot through the inflation and deflation of the airbag, and cooperate with heat therapy of 40-50 degrees on the sole of the foot to effectively relieve insomnia, dizziness, and other troubles.

2) Foot vibration: Stimulating massage on human feet and pressure on acupoints on the soles of the feet can dredge meridians, reconcile qi and blood, relieve fatigue, and adjust body functions.

3) Foot roller: It adopts foot roller technology, protruding massage contacts, simulates human acupressure on the sole of the foot, deeply stimulates important acupoints in the reflex area, effectively strengthens the corresponding organ functions in the body, and enhances the body’s disease resistance.

4) Foot flip: Flip foot support bracket design, the maximum flip angle is 90 degrees. When sitting and standing massage, it is at right angles to the calf, which can fully and evenly force the foot; when reclining or zero-gravity massage, the support bracket, and the calf are reversed to form a flat arc surface, ensuring massage comfort.

5) Three-stage sole: the sole roller is divided into three sections, and both the axis wheel and the massage wheel can be rotated. The rotation of the massage wheel can continuously stimulate the reflex area of ​​the foot to achieve the purpose of health care.

6) Foot scraping and kneading massage: According to the special massage bumps on the foot acupoints, the scraping massage method is like a professional masseur, with a stroke of about 3 cm. Massage the Yongquan acupoint on the sole of the foot, whether it is gentle and steady or gradually Enhanced, can bring a comfortable massage effect.


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