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Let’s talk about the foot calf massager that you don’t know

Foot calf massager

Table of contents
Function introduction of foot calf massager
The role and Importance of  calf foot massager

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A. Function introduction of foot and calf massager

1. Applicable parts
The pedicure machines on the market are roughly divided into two types, one is only for foot massage, and the other is the kind of foot + leg.
Personally, I recommend choosing the sole + leg
Because in addition to walking, we use our feet, and our calves are actually under stress.
So sometimes we will not only feel a little tired on the soles of our feet but also have sore calves. In this case, the soles of the feet + legs will highlight his advantages.

2. Massage method
Now pedicure machines generally have kneading, foot scraping, airbag extrusion, and other massage methods
You can choose the massage method that suits you according to your needs.

3. Gear adjustment, massage intensity
Why do we need to look at gear adjustment and massage strength when purchasing?
I think that the strength needed for each person’s feet is different when massaging.
Therefore, I suggest that when purchasing, choose the one with gear adjustment and the one that can increase or decrease the strength.
There is also a reminder that the stronger the strength of the foot therapy machine, the better. Only when you choose the strength that suits you, you will feel more comfortable and relieve fatigue.

4. Featured functions
We try to choose the one with a timing function when purchasing a foot calf massager. It is recommended that it be around 30-45 minutes. Foot massage is not as long as possible. Proper time is an important point of foot massage. Although massage is very comfortable, we can’t over-massage.
All diseases start from the cold, and the cold comes from the soles of the feet. Some massagers have the function of a warm massage. They are equipped with a heating function while massaging, which can better promote blood circulation and circulation. Effectively improve sleep conditions.

5. Appearance and details
Whether it has the function of deodorization,
Is it convenient in the cleaning sense?
Whether the aspect moved,
Whether aspect disassembly.

B. The function and importance of foot calf massager

01Promote blood circulation

The feet are the farthest from the heart and are at the lowest position of the human body. They are the parts with relatively poor peripheral blood circulation. In addition, the feet lack sebaceous glands and relatively many sweat glands, so it is easy to consume heat and has poor heat preservation function. There is a saying that “cold comes from the feet, and disease starts from the feet”.

The thermal stimulation of water during foot soaking and steaming can promote blood vessel expansion, reduce peripheral resistance, increase blood flow and velocity, and improve overall blood circulation.

Due to the improvement of blood circulation, more oxygen and nutrients are provided for various tissues and organs, and even each cell, thereby promoting metabolism and achieving the purpose of health care and treatment.

This is consistent with the saying in traditional Chinese medicine that “pain is blocked, and pain is not painful”. Therefore, foot bath therapy has a significant effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, joint pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, and other diseases.


02Enhance the excretion function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands

The heat stimulation of the feet can expand the pores of the whole body and enhance the excretory functions of sweat glands and sebaceous glands. Therefore, after soaking the feet, especially with fumigation, the whole body can be heated and sweat in a few minutes. Various mixtures (harmful substances) are carried out of the body.

After fumigation and soaking the feet with the medicinal liquid, the feet are warmed, which can “induce heat and descend, reconcile qi and blood, dispel wind and dampness, warm the meridian and dispel cold”. curative effect.

03Enhance the function of internal organs

When soaking feet, hot water, and steam can effectively stimulate the reflex zones and meridians of the feet, so as to regulate and enhance the function of organs and receive the effect of health care and treatment. In addition, after soaking the feet, due to the softening of the skin and flesh tissue of the feet and the smoothness of the skin, the effect of enhancing the function of the internal organs is more significant if the foot massage is applied to the symptoms.

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04Improve sleep

Soaking your feet in hot water every night before going to bed can increase blood circulation in the lower limbs, and can act on the central nervous system with the help of skin receptors, reducing the blood in the head relatively, so that people can fall asleep easily. Patients with neurasthenia have an obvious curative effect.

05 Activating blood and dredging collaterals

The human body feels wind, cold, dampness, and three evil qi, and stays in the meridians, muscles, and joints, which can cause occlusion of the meridians and stagnation of qi and blood. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “blood will flow when it is hot, and it will coagulate when it is cold” because the principle of treatment is to use generalization. The heat of the water can unclog the pores, open the interstitial tissues, unblock the Qi and blood, relieve stasis, and move stagnation, thereby relaxing tendons and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling, and relieving pain.

06Repel cold and dehumidify

Under the action of the heat of the medicinal liquid, the blood flow in the whole body accelerates rapidly, and the interstices can be relieved, causing sweating all over the body, and various harmful substances are excreted from the body with the sweat. The increase in height promotes the supply of oxygen and nutrients and the relaxation of muscles. It has the effect of sports without the fatigue of sports, so as to achieve the purpose of dispelling cold and dampness, eliminating diseases, and keeping fit.

07Relieve muscle cramps

Soaking feet can relieve muscle spasms and the resulting pain, which has been confirmed by clinical practice, such as painful spasms caused by bruises, stiffness caused by chronic rheumatoid arthritis, calf gastrocnemius spasm, ankle sprain Spasm pain, cold stomach pain caused by gastric smooth muscle spasm, etc., can be significantly relieved by foot soaking.

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