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Does the fascia massage gun really work?

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Features of Fascia Massage Gun
The function of fascia massage gun
Precautions when using the fascia massage gun

The fascia massage gun is a very popular fitness equipment recently, and it is a good helper for many people to relax their muscles after exercise.

Features of Fascia Massage Gun

1. No matter what exercise you do, there is a warm-up session before exercise, which targets the muscles. As body temperature rises, muscle performance increases, and the likelihood of injury decreases. However, it is impossible for the fascia gun to raise the body temperature, and naturally, it cannot replace the warm-up.

2. The fascia gun is effective for muscle relaxation. The fascia gun uses the high-frequency vibration of the massage head to force the tense muscles and deep fascia to stretch and relax, discharge the metabolic waste accumulated in the fascia, absorb new tissue fluid, promote the muscles to repair themselves, and finally relieve muscle tension and relaxation. pain.

3. The impact force of the fascia gun is strong. For people who exercise regularly, proper use every day can help relax muscles and relieve muscle fatigue. However, for people who don’t exercise much, the muscle tissue is weak, and the force of the fascia gun is too strong. Using it every day will easily increase fatigue. Using it after exercise or when the muscles are more tired is recommended.

4. It is recommended to stretch after using the fascia gun. A fascia gun is a massage tool, mainly to break up stiff muscles, relax the fascia, reduce the sense of restraint of the forces, and relieve muscle discomfort. There is no need to stretch after the film gun.

5. The fascia gun can only be used on the shoulders, buttocks, thighs, and other parts with large muscles, and cannot be used on parts with a large number of nerves and blood vessels such as the head, cervical spine, and spine.

The function of fascia massage gun:

1. A fascia gun is a relaxation tool that has become popular in mass fitness over the past year or two. It is a high-frequency impact relaxation method that relaxes muscles by impacting muscles at different frequencies.

2. The fascia gun also inhibits muscle spindles, the receptors for muscle length changes in muscle fibers. The purpose of inhibiting muscle spindles is to reduce muscle tension, restore muscle function length, speed up blood circulation, and reduce the adhesion of fascia tissue, so as to achieve the effect of relaxing muscle fascia.

3. After exercising, the muscles will feel tight, and the joints of the muscles will also be tight. The function of the fascia gun is to shake off the tight muscle fascia, which can allow the muscles to stretch more freely after fitness exercise, without a sense of restraint.

To sum up, the fascia gun is a physiotherapy instrument, so it also has its contraindications, and it should be operated in a standardized manner. Fascial guns should be avoided in the protruding parts of human bones, in the acute stage of injury, and in areas with rich nerves and blood vessels without muscle protection.

Precautions when using the fascia massage gun

Generally speaking, the fascia gun can relax the muscles and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. Therefore, the fascia gun is helpful, but it must be used properly to avoid secondary damage to the body. In order to make the fascia gunplay a huge role in daily exercise, it is recommended that users pay attention to the following matters.

1. Proper use time: The impact force of the fascia gun is relatively strong, which means that once it is used over time, it may cause damage to soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments. Therefore, if you use it at ordinary times, it is recommended to use muscles that are not used too much during exercise. Only the fascia gun massages the part for about 1-2 minutes, and for the muscles that are used a lot, the relaxation time with the fascia gun can be appropriately extended.

2. The strength of the fascia gun is suitable: Generally, the fascia gun is divided into different gears for different strengths. Therefore, similar to the above, it is recommended that you choose different gears according to your own exercise conditions to avoid excessive strength of the fascia gun. large and cause damage.

In addition, it is worth noting that the fascia gun is not a necessity for people who exercise. Although it replaces the process of manual massage and muscle relaxation to achieve a convenient and fast effect, once used improperly, it will also cause physical damage.

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