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Do eye massagers really work?

1.Do eye massagers really work?

The eye protection devices currently on the market are basically massage tools designed based on the contours of the human eye and the acupuncture points around the eyes. Most of them are designed with eye masks in mind.

Its working principle is: use air bags or silicone contacts to massage the eyes and acupuncture points around the eyes.

Promote local blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue and soreness caused by excessive eye use. Because its massage work is a bit like doing eye exercises, it can prevent myopia.

2. Classification of eye massagers

According to the different massage technologies used in eye massagers, eye massagers can be divided into two types: contact point eye protection devices (picture on the left) and airbag massage eye protection devices (picture on the right).

do eye massager really work
Air bag eye massager:

The air bag is used to deflate and inflate, and squeeze to stimulate the acupoints around the eyes, which is similar to a cross between manual massage. The massage area is relatively large.

Contact eye massager:

It is a physical massage that uses a massage head to press acupuncture points to achieve a relief effect. But the massage range is affected by the number of massage heads.

These two types of eye protection devices have their own merits. Judging from the current market sales, airbag eye protection devices are more accepted and popular than contact eye protection devices. You can still buy them according to your preferences.


3. Purchasing Guide for Eye Massagers

I  believes that a good eye massager must meet the following conditions in order to become an eye massager of high quality and good experience:

The structural design is close to the face shape + the material is skin-friendly + light weight + hot compress + low noise + long battery life

1. Structure

The eye massager is like daily goggles and needs to be worn for a certain period of time, so its structural design must be:

Fits the face, matches the position of the eyeballs and around the eyes, and ensures comfort without pressing the eyeballs.

2. Material

Because the skin around the eyes is fragile, the most critical material for eye protection devices is the lining material that is in direct contact with the eyes to avoid allergies or damage to the skin, which will also directly affect wearing and massage. experience.

If you choose a touch-point massage style, be sure to choose a massage head wrapped in silicone, because silicone feels soft and skin-friendly.

The eye protection device for air bag massage is a little more complicated. Common lining materials include: protein leather, flannel, pu leather, etc.

Among them, egg white leather and flannel cloth are better, but they each have their own advantages and disadvantages: egg white leather is soft, easy to clean, and has low friction, but is not very breathable and prone to stickiness; flannel cloth is soft, skin-friendly, more comfortable, and has good breathability , has little friction on the skin, but is slightly difficult to clean. Therefore, it is best for girls to wear eye patches when wearing makeup (*Under normal circumstances, merchants will provide them as gifts, which is also a small detail that depends on whether the merchants care about consumers).

3. Weight

Of course, the lighter the better!

Just like a myopic person wearing glasses, when the eye massager is worn on the face, the weight is pressed on the face and the bridge of the nose. The lighter the weight, the less the burden, and the more comfortable it will be.

4. Hot compress

Hot compress can expand blood vessels, improve local blood circulation, promote local metabolism, and is beneficial to muscle relaxation and recovery, making the massage effect more direct and effective.

So the hot compress function is a must. A hot compress temperature of around 42°C is sufficient and can be used well around the eyes. It is not suitable to be too high or too low.

5. Run decibels

The lower the decibels you run, the better! After all, the eye massager needs to be worn directly on the face and used very close to the ears. There will be a certain amount of sound when the machine is running. If the sound is too loud, the experience will definitely be very bad.

Although the new generation of eye massagers are equipped with music playback functions to cover up noise, many scenes are still not suitable for playing music outside, such as in the office.

6. Battery life

In terms of charging method, choose one with strong battery life. Not only can it be taken out and used, but even for daily use, it will not be necessary to charge it after a few uses, otherwise it will be too troublesome and give people a very bad experience.

7. Other functions

As people’s demand grows, the market competition for eye protection devices has become increasingly fierce. In order to create differentiation, in addition to appearance, eye protection devices now have more and more functions. However, not all functions are practical. When purchasing You must be able to combine your own needs before purchasing, and do not be tempted by some gimmick marketing to buy products with low cost performance. The following are some other functions of eye protection devices, which you can consider according to your own situation:

a. Foldable design

For example, some girls like to put eye protection devices in their bags or suitcases for easy wearing when traveling or on business trips. In this way, foldable eye protection devices can save a lot of space.

b. Bluetooth connection function

For example, you can connect your phone to play music during a massage to relax your mind (high emotional intelligence) and cover up the noise (low emotional intelligence). Or connect to the APP on your mobile phone to control it.

c. Visual design

Considering that some people have a sense of distrust in the surrounding environment when they are completely covered by eye masks, or they need some entertainment while massaging their eyes.

The visual design allows you to see outside during massage, but it is still a bit difficult to work while massaging. It is okay to watch TV, mobile phones, etc.

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