Lady Massage Gun G2

Massager Finespun Massage Gun G2
The nice shape massage gun for Lady


Lady Massage Gun G2
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Massager-massage gun, sold in Costco, Amazon, Walmart BestBuy supermarket

Fujireja’s powerful high-torque motor featuring Quiet technology can be used to activate, soothe, or loosen muscles.

Massage Gun G2 for Lady Specification

Material quality: ABS RESIN (ABS resin)_
working current: 500-2500MA
Charger: DC5V/2.5A
Power mode: 8650*2 lithium battery 7.4V 2200mAh

5 modes to adjust at will: Smart-Warm up-Relaxation-Deacidification-Physiotherapy-Expert-Shut down
Gear speed: 1650RPM load current 600mA
Second gear speed: 1860RPM load current 700mA
Three-speed speed: 2070RPM load current 830mA
Four-speed speed: 2300RPM load current 940mA
Five speeds: 2500RPM, load current 1000mA, 5 types of massage heads can be selected according to the massage location
Brushless high torque motor
Continuous use 4-5.5H, full about 2.5-3H)_x005f
Large stroke: 10mm
Low noise, use high-power MOS drive motor

Product size: 172x147x55mm
N.W.: 0.55KG