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How to repair, clean and maintain the damaged surface of the leather massage chair?

The leather massage chair maintenance

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How to repair the damaged leather surface of the massage chair?
How to clean the massage chair?
How to maintain the massage chair daily?

With the increasing pressure of life, many consumers will use massage chairs to enjoy the comfortable feeling brought by massage chairs, but they don’t know what to pay attention to when using it, resulting in some unnecessary damage caused by man-made, and thus reducing The useful life of the product. So how to maintain it? How to maintain can really play a good effect.

To this end, here to share with you the maintenance method of the massage chair. I hope to be helpful.

How to repair the damaged leather surface of the leather massage chair?

Method 1: Re-foreskin. Remove all the old leather goods, and then ask a professional to re-wrap a layer of leather.

Method 2: Use a paint pen. It is economical to paint all the peeled parts with the same color as the original.

Method 3: Patch the part where the peeling is more concentrated. Disassemble the overall leather case, make manual patches on the disassembled leather case, and then put on the case after the patch is completed.

How to clean the leather massage chair?

1. Heavy stains should be cleaned in time to avoid stubborn stains and affect the beauty of the massage chair. Especially sweat stains, if not cleaned for a long time, will corrode the surface of the massage chair, so try to avoid contact with sweat stains, and wipe them off immediately once they touch. Massage chairs are generally made of PU leather, which is easy to clean and can be wiped clean with a clean soft cloth and water.

2. If the stains are not clean, use a professional massage chair cleaner. The cleaning agent dissolves the stains, and then uses a clean soft cloth dipped in water to circle gently. After cleaning, you can use a professional coating agent for leather goods to maintain the leather goods. Play the role of isolating water and oil and delaying the oxidation and hardening of leather goods. To a certain extent, it can prolong the service life of the leather cover of the massage chair.

How to maintain the massage chair daily?

1. Reduce moving:
Why do you say that reducing the movement is also the maintenance of the massage chair? The reason is simple: due to the precise design, complex equipment, and large weight and volume of some large massage chairs, reducing movement can not only avoid bumps, scratches, and other moving damage, but also the best protection for the precise internal structure. It is recommended that you reserve a location for the massage chair at home before purchasing a massage chair. After purchasing, put the product in place at one time, and then you will not move the massage chair easily. This is the most important thing to protect and maintain the massage chair. step.

2. For special purposes:
The main function of the high-end massage chair is to provide the owner with massage services and a place for short-term rest. Therefore, it is best not to use the massage chair for other purposes (such as letting children sleep or jump on it), and do not place other objects on the massage chair. Items (especially not put heavy and sharp objects), may have caused unpredictable damage to the massager. Therefore, the second key point of maintaining the massage chair is to specialize in it.

3. Regular cleaning:
Regular cleaning of the professional massage chair is also an indispensable part of massage chair maintenance. When cleaning the massage chair, you should first use a soft dry cloth, brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and hair on the massage chair, and then use warm water with a soft cloth, to clean the leather on the surface of the seat and various related parts, when encountering more stubborn stains, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent to remove the stains, then clean with water, and then dry the part with a dry cloth, so that That’s it.

4. Placement environment:
The massage chair should not be placed in a humid or sun-exposed environment. It should be placed in a dry, ventilated room that avoids direct sunlight. This is very good for preventing premature oxidation of the massage chair, ensuring safe use and service life.

Finally, if the leather massage chair has more stubborn stains, use ordinary wiping methods to solve the cloth, you can properly wring the cloth with warm water and an appropriate amount of detergent, and then wipe it again with a pat and then wipe it with a dry cloth Once again, wait for it to dry naturally before using it.


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