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How to do the cleaning and maintenance of the leg and foot massager?

The current popularity of massage and health care equipment is not unrelated to the improvement of people’s awareness of health care. Of course, this is also due to the fact that after economic development, people’s life rhythm has accelerated, people have less time to exercise and their physical health is not as good as before, and massage health care can effectively improve people’s health and maintain good health! The legs and feet are the parts of the human body with dense meridians, and the massage of the legs and feet is also indispensable. How to clean and maintain the leg and foot massager?

First of all, before doing the cleaning work, make sure that the power of the leg and foot massager has been cut off and the power plug has been pulled out of the socket.

Secondly, the surface of the leg and foot massager can be wiped and cleaned with a soft cloth. Do not directly rinse the massager with water, so as to avoid water or other liquids seeping into the inside of the leg and foot massager, causing the massager to malfunction.

If the massager is dirty, please use a soft cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent to clean it, and then dry it with a clean cloth.

Maintenance tips for leg and foot massager:

Similarly, before doing the maintenance of the foot massager, first, turn off the power and pull out the power plug from the socket.

There is relatively sophisticated mechanical equipment inside the leg and foot massager, so in addition to keeping the product clean, the environment where it is placed is also very important. Do not place the massager in a high-temperature place, and do not place it in a high humidity environment or It is an environment with volatile gas.

If the massager will not be used for a long time, it is recommended to put the massager in the box and place it away from dust.

To prolong the life of the leg and foot massager, it is recommended to let the massager rest for fifteen minutes after using it for 30 minutes.

Please do not press, kick or sit on the foot massager to avoid equipment failure.

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