best calf and foot massager

How to choose calf and foot massagers?

Calf and foot massagers

Table of contents

1. Massage parts: feet? legs? knee?

2. Massage intensity

3. Massage effect

4. Hot compress effect

5. Additional functions

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1. Massage parts: feet? legs? knee?

Calf and foot massagers on the market are classified according to the coverage of the massage parts: foot calf and foot massager, foot calf and foot massager, foot leg calf and foot massager, and of course, luxury calf and foot massager covering the upper limbs.

Under normal circumstances, if the budget allows, Zhizhi recommends buying a foot leg, massage, and hot compress on the entire lower limbs, and going to sleep with warm legs and feet every day, which is really comfortable.

2. Massage intensity

The massage programs of each foot and calf massager are set differently, so the starting strength of their massage is also different. People who often go to foot massage shops or exercise regularly can try to choose a stronger strength.

Elderly people or other people who are not under the force can consider starting with a lighter force. We must pay attention to it. Some of us think that the greater the force, the better the massage effect, so we “grit our teeth and persevere” during the massage.

Don’t do this, it will not only be ineffective but also may cause injury, so you must start with yourself and focus on comfort.

3. Massage effect

The massage effect of foot and calf massagers is mainly determined by the number of rollers and the number of airbags. The more rollers, the more reflection points for massage. Generally, the primary level includes one group (front of the foot), and the intermediate level includes two groups (front of the foot, center of the foot). , The advanced device includes 3 sets of rollers (front, middle, and back of the foot).

The more airbags there are, the stronger the message envelopment and the more accurate the massage force is. Of course, the best is the 360° full envelopment, and the hot compress and massage effects are better.

4. Hot compress effect9100 foot calf massager 3

The temperature of most foot massager hot compresses is controlled at around 42 degrees. Constant temperature hot compresses can be very relaxing, but many people prefer a higher temperature range. Of course, the higher the better.

The maximum hot compress temperature recommended in this article can reach 55 degrees, but it can be adjusted independently, based on personal comfort.

Appropriate hot compress during a pedicure can improve the blood circulation of lower limbs

5. Additional functions

Some calf massagers add a vibration function:

Foot vibration: It can reduce the tightness of the soles of the feet, relax the feet, and enhance the massage effect.
Ankle vibration: It can relax the ankle and calf, and reduce the swelling of the leg, and then the calf.

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