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Does an eye massager treat myopia?

An eye massager is a device that massages the acupuncture points around the eyes to induce a more relaxed feeling and is mainly used to relieve eye fatigue.

It is helpful for pseudo-myopia, because pseudo-myopia is temporary myopia caused by fatigue, but it has no good effect on true myopia.

People with true myopia should still undergo mydriasis optometry, determine their diopter, and wear appropriate glasses for treatment. The massager is just an auxiliary means, and it can’t be seen as magical.

Of course, while using the massager, in addition to massaging the acupoints, you can also close your eyes and relax. In addition to the massage vibration function, some massage instruments also have a heating function. In addition to relieving fatigue, this massager can also treat dry eyes.

There are many types of massagers. For patients with glaucoma, it is recommended not to use a massager that is too pressurized, which will cause an increase in intraocular pressure. It is also not suitable for patients with stye, because it may cause inflammation. diffusion.

The massager can only play an auxiliary treatment role. It can play a certain role. You can also use selected high-quality eye patches every day. It contains natural medicinal plants, which can penetrate efficiently and completely absorb. It can clear the capillaries of the eyes. Promote eye blood circulation and repair damaged eye cells.

If you use your eyes for a long time, you should rest for 10 minutes after every 50 minutes. It is best to go outdoors and let your eyes look far away, so that your brain and eyes can get a certain rest and eliminate fatigue.

The eye massager is developed using the principles of biomagnetism and traditional Chinese medicine meridian science.
Through pulsed magnetic field and acupoint massage, etc., it acts on very important acupoints around the eyes to stimulate and exercise the optic nerve cells of the human body.

Improve eye fatigue and other symptoms, can also prevent eye muscle atrophy, make human eyes look more aura, eye massager can also activate the skin.

The eye massager has been introduced in detail above. I believe everyone knows that the eye massager has certain health care effects, but it cannot achieve the purpose of treating diseases. In order to protect the eyes, it is necessary to pay attention to the balance of the diet in daily life, supplement some trace elements and minerals, eat less candy or sweets, and ensure adequate sleep and not be too tired.

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