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Do you know what a zero gravity massage chair is?⛳

The zero-gravity massage chair is designed by combining the principle of zero-gravity and air pressure massage technology.

Zero gravity can also be said to be weightless. According to the famous Newton’s second law W=mg, an object has mass and does not show weight when it moves freely in the gravitational field.

In this state, the pressure of the object on the support is less than its own gravity, thus showing the phenomenon of floating. Usually, outer space is in a gravity-free environment.

The zero gravity in the massage chair means that when the human body is completely relaxed and lying down, the knee position of the body is higher than the heart, which is a lie angle that is free from gravity.

In a massage chair at a zero gravity angle, most of the body’s center of gravity falls on the hip fat area, reducing the pressure on the spine.

At this time, other parts of the body can be better relaxed, which helps to release pressure and fatigue, and can also make massage achieve better results.

The zero-gravity massage chair creates a sense of weightlessness in outer space as if floating to and fro, making people in a state of complete relaxation, just like taking an elevator, playing a roller coaster, or taking an airplane. Release stress and have a relaxed feeling free from outside pressure.

Zero gravity is a floating state

The zero-gravity massage chair is designed by combining the principle of zero-gravity and air pressure massage technology.

The ergonomic design and zero-gravity technology of the massage chair can make people in a natural state, resist the discomfort caused by the earth’s gravity, and put the center of gravity on the human body. In the fat buttocks, other body parts are not under pressure, massage in this state is particularly effective.

The perfect design of the massage chair’s balance support, air pressure massage, body stretching, and pelvic twisting will make you feel relaxed and unparalleled in both body and mind.

The whole body is in a state of complete relaxation, to experience various levels of subdivided massage procedures and delicate massage techniques to achieve the best effect of relieving stress and releasing fatigue;

Thai-style massage functions, helps the body to do stretching exercises At the same time, a variety of massage procedures are used to soothe the whole body to achieve the magical effect of relaxing the meridians and activating the collaterals.

The zero-gravity massage chair can simulate the zero-gravity state of space. The weight of the massager’s whole body is evenly distributed, and the body is in a natural and comfortable state through balanced support, releasing physical and mental stress. And most importantly, protect the heart.

In fact, the principle of the application is that when the body and the legs are at about 127 degrees, the gravity of the body is evenly distributed to the massage chair, the human body is in a state of mass and no weight, and the heart and knees of the upper part of the body are on the same horizontal line, Reduce the work pressure of the heart, promote the circulation of blood, and it is very helpful for relieving the work burden of the viscera.

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