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Is it impossible to use an eye massager for high myopia? Can I use a steam eye massager mask?

A steam eye massager mask

First of all, the concept of high myopia is clarified-myopia refers to that in a state of relaxation, parallel rays of light pass through the eyeball refractive system and focus in front of the retina, and cannot be clearly imaged on the retina. Myopia is high myopia when it is -6D (D refers to diopters) or more.

Therefore, in a broad sense, more than 600 degrees are considered high myopia. In patients with high myopia, the eyeball will grow abnormally, and the structure of the eyeball will change, such as fragile and loose zonules, lens instability, atrophic spots on the retina, choroidal neovascularization, and degeneration and holes in the retina.

An eye massager, also known as an eye protection device, generally improves eyesight through massage or visual function training. It is designed according to the acupoints around the eyes, and the massage is more accurate and effective. The design concept applies the principles of meridian science and biomagnetism. When used, it can give corresponding stimulation to the acupoints around the eyes, strengthen blood circulation, and clear the meridians of the eyes. It is suitable for use when the eyes are tired. Using it for 10-15 minutes a day can bring Eye comfort, but also effectively improve vision.

Steam eye mask, also known as a steam hot compress eye mask, hot compress eye mask. Using advanced self-heating temperature control technology, the moisture in the air and metal powder can form a heating element inside the eye mask, generating fine and moist water vapor that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is a product with a general name developed in response to the needs of the eye care market. It is named for its ability to spontaneously generate heat and generate steam. This type of product is a one-time use, ready-to-use product, safe and hygienic, which helps to relax the muscles around the eyes and relieve eye fatigue.

Because the eye care of the hot compress eye mask is mainly reflected in the hot compress, when using it, if it is a qualified product, as long as the temperature is appropriate and constant, there is no need to worry about its adverse effects on the eyes.

The second is the impact of using the eye massager on the eyes.

The massage methods of the eye massager are generally divided into two types: airbag massage and contact massage.

Airbag massage is to quickly inflate and deflate the airbag bag, so that the airbag bag expands and contracts, thereby generating a squeezing force to act on the eyes to achieve a massage effect.

Contact massage is to precisely knead and press the acupuncture points through the physical massage head, and the massage experience is better than airbag massage.

Therefore, from the analysis of the working principle of the eye massager, the use of the eye massager in the case of high myopia has little effect.

However, due to high myopia, the structure of the eyeball is relatively fragile. Using improper methods for massage care may lead to a relatively fragile structure, rupture of the suspensory ligament, and even aggravate retinal degeneration, resulting in detachment due to holes. So use it with caution.


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