Foldable Foot Spa Water

The self-folding foot massager is better than going to a pedicure shop!

The self-folding foot massager is better than going to a pedicure shop!

Foldable Foot Spa Water
It is said that cold starts from the feet, which is true. Especially when sleeping, if the feet are not warm, the body will not be warmed up, and it is impossible to sleep well at night. Soaking your feet in hot water in winter is the happiest thing. After persisting for a period of time, the cold hands and feet are obviously improved.

In the past, I used plastic basins to soak my feet. The water was not high enough and it was easy to get cold. If I want to soak for a long time, I must keep adding water, which is troublesome. In the past two years, the water is not easy to be cold in the electric foot bath with the fire of celebrities, but it is large and takes up space, so I fell into the difficulty of choosing again, and finally simply returned to the plastic basin.

Two days ago, my friend gave me a folding foot bath, which finally opened my way to keeping in good health with technology. This foot bath can be lifted and folded electrically, can be heated and temperature controlled, and can be automatically massaged. It is not bad after experiencing it a few times. See if it works for you too. The handbag-like product in the picture is the electric folding foot bath D3, which has a unique shape.

To say what is special about this foot bath, the first point is of course the electric lift and fold. Have you ever seen a foot bath that is manually unfolded and folded, but have you ever seen a foot bath that is equipped with a battery that can be automatically lifted and folded wirelessly? The folded part of the barrel body of the foot bath is made of soft silicone, and a lifting motor is installed inside the barrel. When unfolding or folding the foot bath, you only need to turn on the spherical battery switch at the bottom of the bucket to start the automatic lifting function of the panel.self-folding foot massager

The folded thickness is only 15cm, and it is easy to find its place, such as under the bed, under the sofa, next to the closet, and in other small spaces that can be used. After unfolding, the 40cm bucket is deep enough to soak up the calves.

Heating and constant temperature is the most basic function of a foot bath. Only when this is done well can it be regarded as a qualified foot bath. Most of the foot baths on the market use PTC and dps heaters. In comparison, the dps heater has two layers of magnesium powder or quartz sand insulation. The insulation thickness is thicker than that of PTC with only two layers of insulation paper, and it is safer. outperformed. The smart foot bath uses the dps safety heating system, which is more secure to use.

Test the heating speed, set 40 degrees, and it took 10 minutes to heat up from 26 degrees, which is relatively fast. The constant temperature time can also be set, I set it for 30 minutes, and it will stop automatically when the time comes. The basic functions are well done.

Of course, this foot bath can not only soak your feet but also massage your feet while soaking your feet. The bottom of the bucket combines 3D massage movement and a soft rubber massage cushion, which combines rigidity and softness. Three different shapes of massage heads can cover different acupoints from the soles of the feet to the heels. At the same time, you can feel the three massage methods of kneading, acupressure, and scraping. The sourness is no less than that of a pedicure shop.

The soft rubber directly contacts the soles of the feet, and the massage intensity can be adjusted, so there is no need to worry about the pressure on the soles of the feet. The smooth soft rubber surface can be wiped clean and is easy to clean.

After the footbath is drained, turn on the drain switch at the bottom of the side. In terms of mobile cleaning, the bottom wheels are designed with dual-purpose handles, and the length of the telescopic pull belt can be adjusted to save labor and effort; the water filter pump can be disassembled and washed and can be rinsed directly in the bucket, which is good news for lazy people.

With this folding foot bath, soaking your feet becomes simple and joyful. You can experience the level of a professional masseur in a foot bath shop for less than 400 yuan. It is also convenient to store after it is finished. If you are tired from working in the daytime, cold and tired, you might as well go home and use it to have a “Foot SPA” to release your fatigue instantly.

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