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2 different techniques for neck massager in 2022, did you know?

At present, neck massager on the market is basically divided into two categories: pulse massager and physical kneading massager.

Now the most popular on the market is the pulse neck massager, which uses a very small current to stimulate the deep muscles to achieve the effect of massage and relaxation. The size and frequency of the current are controlled by the chip, so the volume of the pulse massager Compared with the physical kneading massager, it is much smaller and lighter in weight and can be put into a carry-on bag to carry with you, which is very suitable for work and travel.

The noise of the pulse neck massager is also smaller than that of the physical kneading massager. It does not have the traditional motor of the physical kneading massager. Of course, it does not have the feeling of the traditional massage when it is used. After turning it on, you will feel numbness. With the stimulation of micro-current, the muscles begin to relax, and the local blood circulation begins to accelerate, allowing you to experience a very relaxed feeling in the cervical spine area.

At present, the pulse electric technology on the market is divided into TENS pulse current, EMS pulse current, and a combination of the two.

The difference between single pulse and double pulse
The Chinese name of TENS is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which is a common method of pain treatment and is considered to be a very safe treatment. , the muscles will relax, and they will not be as tight as when they were painful before, avoiding further muscle damage caused by prolonged tightness.

The Chinese name of EMS is Muscle Electrical Stimulation. Its principle is to transmit signals to the muscles through micro-current stimulation so that the muscles are passively contracted, and at the same time, it also accelerates the consumption of fat, promotes blood circulation, eliminates fatigue, and helps the body recover, preventing muscle atrophy.

It has a similar principle to acupuncture. It is no longer like the previous massager, which only has superficial stimulation. It can make the stimulation reach the depth of the muscles, and better exercise the muscles in the cervical spine area and exercise the muscles in the cervical spine area, making them stronger and healthier.

Double Pulse Technology
Now some mid-to-high-end products combine TENS+ENS. This mode is to combine the different characteristics of these two pulses to stimulate the deep-level stimulation of the massage area from the epidermis to the muscles, not only on the surface but also deeply relaxing from the outside to the inside. , allowing users to get a more comprehensive and comfortable massage experience.

physical massage
The physical kneading massager uses a machine to imitate the technique of a human masseuse to physically decompress the area that needs to be massaged. This massager requires a motor, so this massager is heavier than a pulse massager. , the same volume will also be larger, so its portability is not as good as the pulse massager. With the advancement of technology, this physical massager has now begun to add many functions, such as warm compress, massage, grasping, pinching, Top pressure, etc., which is not a single massage method like hammering before.

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