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Do neck massagers work?

Do neck massagers really work?

Nowadays, I believe that many urban white-collar workers have experienced neck soreness, and even when they turn their necks, there will be occasional crisp sounds… After all, it takes a long time to go to work during the day. In a game, a posture for a long time will cause more or less muscle soreness. For the elites in the workplace, maintaining the neck has become an urgent matter. However, it costs a lot of time and money to go to a professional masseuse for the massage, so many manufacturers have seized this pain point and launched a lot of neck massagers.

So, today, let’s experience a neck massager with you.

The packaging box with the main white color is simple in design, with intuitive product pictures on the front and detailed parameters on the back, everything is very intuitive.

No complicated accessories, massage instrument, remote control, charging cable, manual, gel sticker*2, etc. are all available.

This massager adopts a conventional U-shaped design and adheres to the concept of simplicity. The main white color is matched with a slightly advanced pearlescent shell color, and the frosted treatment and coating process makes it more comfortable to use;

There are 4 buttons on the left side of the fuselage, which has the illusion of a headset. The switch/mode switching button is located in the middle, the force switching button is left plus and right minus, and there is a heating function button on the top. The button feedback is appropriate and the operation is smooth.

The charging interface is located at the bottom of the control panel, and the Micro USB interface is equipped with a dust plug, which is both protective and aesthetically pleasing.

There are two electrode pads on the inside of the top of the fuselage. The gold-plated coating effectively avoids skin allergies. The built-in NTC sensor accurately controls the temperature, which is safe and secure. According to the official introduction, it adopts the fast heating technology of PET heating film that can sense the hot compress in 3 seconds. The constant temperature of 42 °C makes the blood circulation of telangiectasia accelerated, which effectively relieves the cold and stiff neck.

The electrode pad and the fuselage adopt a multi-angle movable design, which is convenient to adjust the angle to make the electrode pad and the skin fit better, which is convenient for users to use in different environments.

The attached two gel stickers, for students who use the neck massager for the first time, can have a soothing massage effect when used together with the gel stickers.

So what is the actual effect? Come and see it! This massager has no complicated settings, and you can easily get started after reading the instruction manual in one minute. It should be noted that the control panel side should be placed on the left side. Actually wearing it, the skin-friendly material, ergonomic design, and many other details make it comfortable to wear regardless of the size of the neck.

It supports 5 intelligent modes, including intelligent, soothing, Chinese, Thai, and strong. It can simulate pressing, knocking, kneading, pushing, pinching, shooting, and other simulation techniques. It has 15 levels of strength, which can meet the needs of different users.

Smart mode: suitable for the daily care of cervical spine; soothing mode: relax overused cervical spine; Chinese mode: promote blood circulation, stimulate neuromuscular tissue; Thai mode: improve blood circulation and improve muscle condition; strong mode: deep massage to restore muscle mode.

From the actual experience, this neck massager is small and light, comfortable to wear, and has a variety of massage strengths to choose from. Only if you choose 6 or more levels, you will have a particularly obvious stimulation. , shooting, and other simulation techniques can effectively relieve neck pain. As for battery life, due to the built-in 600mAh capacity battery, it can be used more than 10 times when fully charged for 10 minutes each time.

To sum up, this neck massager is small and stylish, with a delicate appearance, and has both massage and health care functions, making it a simple and practical trendy item.

The multi-mode optional, multi-gear adjustment makes the use more diversified; the built-in battery and wireless remote control make it more convenient to use; the compact body, whether you are at work or traveling at home, it is particularly easy to carry.

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