Heating Neck Massager

Do you know the magical effect of neck massager?

The neck massager is useful, mainly for simple cervical spondylosis, that is, the inflammatory lesions formed by fatigue, tension, and strain of soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the cervical spine, causing pain and unfavorable activities.

The neck massager can effectively relax the muscles, increase the local blood circulation, promote the metabolism of local inflammatory metabolites, effectively relax the muscle tissue, and the symptoms of pain and unfavorable activities can be improved.

The neck massager can effectively massage the muscles of the neck and the surrounding soft tissues, promote the blood circulation of the local soft tissues, relieve muscle spasms, help eliminate local inflammatory pathogenic factors and metabolic products, and strengthen local nutrient supply. It can effectively relieve the pain and tightness of the neck and shoulders and has a good therapeutic effect.

As a member of the bow-headed family, although I always silently tell myself in my heart, don’t always bow my head to play with my mobile phone, and keep my normal activities, but because I usually work long hours in front of the computer and I have to stay up late and work overtime, I can finally rest and hold it again. Watching videos and playing games on mobile phones to relax, this bad living habit often leads to the problem of a stiff neck and uncomfortable cervical spine.

So many people go out for a massage, but the cost of a massage is too high, and they just want to go home after getting off work at night, so many people choose to buy a neck massager, and we basically have one in our office.

There are two types of neck massagers:

One is physical massage, which is mechanical beating and kneading; similar to traditional Chinese medicine massage, this type of cervical spine massager has the function of support and protection and is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

The other is the micro-current pulse technology, which acts on the neck muscles and nerves, and has the best effect on neural cervical spine fatigue. It is suitable for long-term desk work and company white-collar workers who deal with various display screens.

The micro-current pulse massager is cheap and can be used by one person. It is very comfortable and has a good massage and soothing effect on cervical fatigue.

There are three gears in total, which can be freely switched according to personal preference and endurance. Small size, does not occupy space, can be used for walking, sitting, and lying and the appearance is generous and fashionable.

In general, the physical massager is very easy to use, but the price is too expensive, and the volume is too large to carry around. The pulse massager is more suitable for our office workers. The price is moderate, and it is very useful to relieve neck fatigue.

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